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Power and Location of Armor

* denotes special ability (see item page)

ArmorA/E%LocationWho Can Use It
Aegis Shield*16/0Mirage Tower
Black Shirt*24/2Floating Castle
Buckler2/0Crescent Lake
Cap1/1Elfland, Temple of Fiends
Chain Armor15/15Coneria
Cloth1/2Coneria, Floating Castle
Copper Bracelet4/1Elfland, Marsh Cave
Copper Gauntlet2/3Castle of Elf, Melmond
Dragon Armor42/10Mirage Tower
Flame Armor*34/10Gurgu Volcano
Flame Shield*12/0Gurgu Volcano
Gold Bracelet24/1Gaia, Castle of Ordeal
Heal Helmet*6/3Mirage Tower, Floating Castle
Ice Armor*34/10Ice Cave
Ice Shield*12/0Ice Cave
Iron Armor24/23Castle Coneria, Pravoka, Elfland, Marsh Cave
Iron Gauntlet4/5Melmond
Iron Helmet5/5Dwarf Cave, Melmond
Iron Shield4/0Elfland
Opal Armor42/10Mermaid Shrine
Opal Bracelet34/1Mermaid Shrine
Opal Gauntlet8/3Mermaid Shrine
Opal Helmet8/3Mermaid Shrine
Opal Shield16/0Mermaid Shrine
Power Gauntlet*6/3Mermaid Shrine
Protective Cape*8/2Floating Castle, Temple of Fiends II
Protective Ring*8/1Gaia, Floating Castle, Temple of Fiends II
Ribbon*1/1Cave Under the Waterfall, Mermaid Shrine, Floating Castle
Silver Armor18/8Dwarf Cave, Crescent Lake
Silver Bracelet15/1Marsh Cave, Melmond
Silver Gauntlet6/3Crescent Lake
Silver Helmet6/3Titan's Tunnel, Crescent Lake
Silver Shield8/0Earth Cave, Crescent Lake
Steel Armor34/33Melmond
White Shirt*24/2Mirage Tower
Wooden Armor4/8Coneria, Pravoka
Wooden Helmet3/3Elfland, Dwarf Cave
Wooden Shield2/0Pravoka
Zeus Gauntlet*6/3Castle of Ordeal

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