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This is my Final Fantasy Homepage. In it you can find all the cool Final Fantasy sites on the web, which include Game Genie codes, maps, hints, walkthroughs, etc. You can also find information on the game from my prior knowledge. I have been playing Final Fantasy I for over seven years. I have also at least played parts from all of the Final Fantasys released for NES, SNES, PSX and PS2. I have beaten FF1, FF2 (Japan - translated), FF4, FF5 (Japan - translated), FF6 (FF3 U.S.), FF7, FF9 and FF10. I have compiled many hints from FF1 into this webpage to help you. Use whatever information you find to help you as you journey to make the orbs shine and restore good to a world dominated by evil. If you have any questions or comments, I can be reached at (I have changed my e-mail)

DISCLAIMER: All images and logos on this site are copyrighted by Squaresoft, and use or copying of them for any reason other than personal, non-commercial, or informational purposes is strictly prohibited.


January 26 2005: I know I have not updated this page in a LONG time. School, which has to be a priority, has just been absolutely stressing me out beyond reason, but I graduate in May so maybe finally I will be able to keep up this site better. I got a new challenge, and I updated the challenge page accordingly. While doing that, I also noticed that I didn't post the end of the previous challenge. I don't have the screenshot of it, and I apologize, so you will just have to take my word that I did complete four knights at level 24. I have the time and everything, but I do not have the screenshot.

June 21 2004: I had to delete the quiz, because the provider would not let me make another 30-question quiz without upgrading my service (and paying money). I know it was very popular, and I am sorry.

May 13 2004: Wow! I haven't made any updates on here in a LONG time. I have just been swamped with school, work, and everything else a college student deals with. I have added something new now. Yes, I do check the poll results, and it gave me an idea for a Special Parties page. On this page I will be recording my games with four-of-a-kind parties and solo parties, complete with commentary and screenshots. The format is very similar to the White Mage Journal on Final Fantasy Origins, one of my affiliates. The first party I have decided to undertake is a solo black wizard party. Check it out!

February 27 2003: I realized that I did not change the party page in my last edit to incorporate the completed challenge, so I did. I am now working on Thief, Thief, Thief, Thief (w/ class-up), though finding time to play may be difficult.

February 25 2003: I decided it was about time to change the poll, and so I did. It is now about Final Fantasy bosses. I updated the main page, since I purchased a PS2 and have now beaten FF10 as well. I hardly even visited this page last semester, as will be the case this semester. I apologize to everyone who visits it regularly, but college classes just demand too much of my time. I still have a severe backlog on challenges, and I haven't even started up my emulator in about three months.

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