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My Fan Poll Page

What is your favorite Final Fantasy boss (all FFs)?

Current results
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Results of previous polls:

What is your favorite FF game of all time?

Final Fantasy 1 won by a landslide (what a surprise), though FF4 and FF7 also received a decent amount of votes. Thanks to all voters!

Where is your favorite place to level up?

"Hunt for the Warmech" won with 21%, followed closely by "Peninsula NE of Pravoka" with 20% and "Temple of Fiends 2, gas dragon floor" with 18%. Thanks to all voters!

What is your favorite black magic spell in the whole game?

NUKE won overwhelmingly, and nothing else was really that high. RUB and XXXX got decent numbers, and so did QAKE. Thank you to all who voted!

What is the most useful occupation in the entire game (including class change)?

Fighter/Knight won with 93% of the 344 votes cast. Runner-up was the Black Belt/Grand Master with 6% of the 344 votes. Thank you to all who voted!

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