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Your Questions are Answered!

Q: Where is the hidden staircase on the first floor of the Earth Cave?

A: That is a good question. The Handbook says something about a hidden staircase on the first floor of the Earth Cave, but I don't know where it is. I have searched the entire floor and haven't found anything. I really don't think it's there, even though the book says that it is. You can keep searching for it, though, and please e-mail me if you find it.

Q: Does Kary, the fire fiend, have any weaknesses to magic spells?

A: Unfortunately, no. I don't know if the makers of this game intended it that way or not, but no spell seems to work on her very well. You'd think that ice would work against her, but it is very ineffective. This, 600 HP, and FIR3 really make her a tough fiend to beat. I've had lots of trouble with her.

Q: How do I get the class change that is listed in the manual?

A: If you read my walkthrough, it should tell you in sufficient enough detail to be able to get it, but if you don't understand, I'll explain. You go up north and find the Castle of Ordeal, which is just to the east of the Cardia Islands. You find a landing spot (or dock, if you're in the SHIP) for your AIRSHIP and walk in. You proceed through the Castle and get the TAIL, which you take to one of the caves on the Cardia Islands to receive the class change.

Q: This is probably a dumb question, but I have seen your items list, and I understand it, but I still don't know how you use an item in battle.

A: That's not too dumb; in fact, I couldn't figure it out for a little while, but it's really pretty simple. While you're in the fight screen, you select ITEM when the person who has it steps out. Then you scroll through the weapons and armor that they have, and find the item that you want to use, and select it. Its effects will then take place when that character comes out to fight.

Q: I am having trouble finding the CROWN. Could you help me?

A: My walkthrough does address this, but I can explain it again. Just get to the third floor down in the Marsh Cave, and then it is in the third row, second column from the left. But be careful; it is guarded by wizards!

Q: I have the FLOATER, but how do I get the AIRSHIP?

A: This is actually the easy part. Getting the FLOATER in the Ice Cave is the hard part. Once you have cleared the Ice Cave with the FLOATER, meander your way back out to the bay where you docked your ship. Then leave the bay by going south, and keep going south along the shore until you see a desert (the Ryukhan Desert). Dock at the river and go into the desert. Then go to your items menu and select the FLOATER. The AIRSHIP will rise from the desert, and you can take off or land by pressing A while standing upon it.

Q: What is the hardest party to complete the game with?

A: There are a couple of very difficult ones, and one that I believe is almost impossible. If you get a party of all black mages or thiefs, it requires much patience in order to beat. However, if you want a REAL challenge, try a party of all white mages. They do not fight very well, and they don't have anything in the way of attack magic except HARM until they get FADE later on. However, if you can make it to where you get the items, it should make it much easier. I have beaten a party with all black mages, and with an all thieves party. I am currently undertaking the four white mage challenge, because I want to prove that it can be done.

Q: I made a mistake. I got the bottle with the fairy, but I let the fairy out right after I got it. I don't have the Oxyale. Is there another way to get a bottle with a fairy, or do I have to start over again?

A: Don't panic, because it doesn't matter whether you let the fairy out in Gaia or not. Just go to Gaia, find the fountain in the back (behind the Level 8 Magic Shops), and the fairy will be there. Talk to her, and she will give you the OXYALE.

Q: I desparately need help on one thing. I've been playing this game for years and I can't find the magic shop where you purchase NUKE (lv 8 black magic) and LIF2 (lv 8 white magic). According to your magic list it does exist, but I've searched every town and came up empty handed. I can find all the other magic easily. Are these shops hidden?

A: LIF2 and NUKE can be purchased by going to Lefein. Go into the city, and go to the top-right corner. You will see an exit out of the city. Go through it, and keep going straight. You will not leave the city, but will instead come upon another Black and White Magic Shop set.

Q: I am building a Final Fantasy webpage, and I was wondering if I could use your walkthrough on my page. I would give you full credit for it, of course.

A: I do not mind you using my walkthrough on your page, but like you said, please give me full credit for it. However, since I have finished this new walkthrough, either use the old one or create a link to the new one at

Q: Is there any way that I can make my mages forget a spell that they have learned?

A: Unfortunately, once you have learned a spell, there is no way to lose it, unless you reset the game before saving after learning the spell. If you accidentally learn the wrong one and don't realize it until after you've saved it, the only way to lose the spell is to start all over again. I think the WonderSwan Color (a new Japanese handheld) has a way to forget spells, but plain old FF1 for NES has no way to do it.

Q: I am a Final Fantasy fanatic, and I am trying to collect all of the games in the series. Right now I am looking for Final Fantasy 2 and 3 for the NES. Do you know how I can get them?

A: I have not found any of the NES Final Fantasys in stores anywhere, including Final Fantasy 1. I also do not think that these two are even available in the United States. The only way that I know how to get them is to get an emulator for your computer with the corresponding ROMs for the games you want. You can mail me if you want to know how to do this.

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