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My Tip of the Month

How to Defeat Kraken and Tiamit

Now that you know how to defeat Lich and Kary, then of course the natural question to ask next is how to defeat Kraken and Tiamit. Kraken is really pretty simple. He has 800 HP when you fight him in the Mermaid Shrine, and he casts lightning spells and INK (I think he casts INK in the Mermaid Shrine, but I know he does in the Temple of Fiends). However, he is also highly susceptible to lightning spells. Therefore, have all of your magicians with black magic cast their highest lightning spells on him every round. If you have Level 8 magic, cast FADE and NUKE until you run out, then start casting LIT3 and on down. Your fighters should just hit every round. You might need to cure some people during the fight, but it should be pretty easy. Once you defeat him, then walk forward and restore the power to the Water Orb.

A little later you will encounter Tiamit in the Floating Castle. He has 1000 HP when you fight him here, and he will cast THUNDER on your party. He really doesn't have any magic weaknesses, so you'll just have to start with your strongest spells and work your way down. Fighters should just fight, and white mages should cure people when needed and use FADE when not. He might be pretty tough, especially with his THUNDER spell, and the BANE spell (when you fight him in the Temple of Fiends). You might need a couple more levels, but eventually you should beat him. Remember, though, that you can run into the WarMech (1000 HP, heavy damage, NUCLEAR) on the floor that he is on in the Floating Castle.

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