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My Tip of the Month

How to Defeat Chaos

Another question that often comes up when playing an RPG like Final Fantasy is, "What do I need to have/do to defeat the final boss?" Chaos can be very tough if you are not ready to face him, especially since you have to go through all of his cronies (a.k.a. the four fiends) before you can face him. However, there are some general tips that you can keep in mind when trying to confront him.

You need to make sure that you have the best weapons and armor for all of your warriors. Unless you have four black belts, if you have not gotten the class change, get it! The weapons and armor that you can use will be much greater and better (see my walkthrough on how to get the class change). The top weapons for each occupation are as follows (masmune is excluded, as anybody can use it): for the Knight, Excalibur; for the Ninja, Katana; for the Grand Master, nothing; for the Red Wizard, Defense; for the White Wizard, Thor Hammer; for the Black Wizard, Cat Claw. The armor can be mixed around, but make use of the anti-fire and anti-ice capabilities of the Flame and Ice Armors (for a third Knight or a Ninja), and make sure that all have Protective Rings/Capes. Also, make sure that your White and Black Wizards have several uses of NUKE and FADE in their racks. A Red Wizard will be pretty useless otherwise, so I suggest equipping him with the Masmune against Chaos (if you have more than one, have them use their best spells). All of this and at least Level 30 should be enough to help you put up a good fight against Chaos.

When you are actually in the fight, here is a full strategy on how to go about beating him. First round, you will want to get out a lot of magic, if you have people who have magic. You will want to cast protective magic, including anti-spells (AICE first) and WALL on the person without a ribbon (if you have enough spells available in Level 8). You will also want to cast FAST on the Masmune wielder (Ninja or Black Mage/Wizard can cast this). If you have black mages/wizards that are still undesignated, have them use their highest attack spells (NUKE and on down). Knights/fighters and grand masters/black belts should simply just attack. If you have Ninjas/thiefs that are not casting magic, have them attack.

Second round will be pretty easy. If you still have protective magic that has not been cast, you can cast it now. Otherwise, healing magicians should heal people who need it, black magicians should cast the highest available attack spell (NUKE, ICE3, etc.), and knights/fighters, masters/black belts, and ninjas/thiefs should just hit, as well as should the masmune wielder (if a different occupation). Later rounds should just follow the same pattern, but you might want to save a FADE and a NUKE on your white and black magicians, just in case Chaos casts CUR4 on himself. Eventually, you should be able to take him out. Congratulations! You have beaten Final Fantasy 1!!

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