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My Tip of the Month

How to Defeat Lich and Kary

I am sure that as you play Final Fantasy 1 and encounter Lich and his buddies, you will be wanting to know a few tips as to how to defeat them. You may find some of them easier than others; it all depends on what party you have and how much experience that you have. As Kary, Kraken, and Tiamit can be fought in any order, I will address them in the order that you are supposed to defeat them in (Kary, Kraken, Tiamit).

The first fiend you will encounter will be in the Earth Cave, home of the infamous Lich, who is responsible for the Earth's rotting. On the fifth and final floor of the earth cave, you will encounter his orb, and when you observe it, he will come out and fight you. One thing that you will want to do right away is to cast AICE, if you have it, as he will surely cast ICE2 at some point during the fight, and it can cause pretty heavy damage if you don't have the AICE barrier up. However, as he is of the Earth elemental, he has a weakness to fire spells, so have your black and red mages cast the highest FIRE spell that they have (FIR3 hopefully, but FIR2 will do alright). He is also undead, and therefore also has a weakness to HARM spells, so white mages should cast HRM2 or HRM3 every round. Anybody else, such as fighters, thieves, and black belts, should just fight. Lich only has 400 HP at this point, but at the level you will more than likely be at when you fight him, this may not be so easy. Once you have defeated him, walk forward and restore the power to the Earth orb.

The second fiend you will encounter will be in the Gurgu Volcano, where Kary, the fiend of Fire resides. She will complain about how your defeat of Lich disturbed her sleep, and then she will threaten you with the "force of fire." You won't really have to worry about the fire if you have a red or white mage that can cast AFIR. If you do, these fire spells should be diminished in potency considerably. However Kary, although she is the fiend of Fire, does not have a weakness to ice spells, as one would guess. I don't know if Squaresoft intended this or not, but you basically have to hack her to death. Fire spells do NOT work against her, but lightning spells work normally. Therefore, cast your highest lightning spells, have everybody else fight, and hope for the best. It was also brought to my attention by MadMaXx that BANE might possibly work against her, but he's not sure. I am pretty sure that there is one of the termination spells that does work against her if you try it often enough, but I don't remember which one it is. You may have to level up a bit more before challenging Kary, but you should eventually beat her. Then walk forward and restore the power to the Fire orb.

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