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My Tip of the Month

Good Experience Before the Class Change

Some of you are wondering, "Where can I get a great amount of experience early in the game, before I get the class change?" Anytime during the game after you have gotten to Pravoka, there is a place you can get some very hefty experience. Just travel around the mountains to the southeast of Pravoka, and then head up. At the very tip of the peninsula, you can hit some enemies from much later in the game. This has something to do with the way they designed the battle system. As it is a grid, and directly across from the peninsula is Lefein, the bottom of the grid barely crosses into the peninsula, allowing you to fight enemies from when you will go into Lefein. Some of these include Tyros, ZomBulls, Frost Wolves, and Giants. Don't worry about Ankylos, however (fortunately, as you would be slaughtered).

Unfortunately, these enemies can take quite a bit of damage to kill, and they deal out quite a bit of their own. As far as levels are concerned, I recommend at least Level 6, if not 7 or 8. You will need at least short swords, if not silver swords on all of your fighters, and the highest possible spells on your magicians (HRM2 and FIR2 at the very least, as you will fight ZomBulls, which are undead, and Frost Wolves, which are susceptible to FIRE spells). If you think you can handle it, try it out. They will net you quite a bit of experience and Gold early in the game.

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