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My Tip of the Month

Don't Go in Order!!

Kary is very hard for the level you are at when you get to her. Trust me, she wiped me out several times when I was first starting on this game. Being the fire fiend, you would think she would have weaknesses to ice magic. WRONG! I think it's a bug in the game (like the peninsula NE of Pravoka), but the fact remains that she is not vulnerable to ice magic (same thing holds true for the PS version). The occasional BANE spell will knock her out in one hit, but FIR3 can really hurt you if you don't get AFIR cast in time. Do not despair, my fellow light warrior! A solution is about to be presented!

The sage gives you the canoe so that you can get to the Gurgu Volcano and beat Kary, right? The manual says that you go to the Volcano first and then to the Ice Cave, correct? Stupid manuals. They always tell you what you are SUPPOSED to do. They don't always tell you what you CAN do.

There is no reason for you to go to the Volcano right now. You do not get another vehicle after you defeat the Volcano, nor does the game otherwise prohibit you from going on. Therefore, you can go on to the Ice Cave, beat it, and get the airship. Since you can also get to the Castle of Ordeal, you can get the TAIL. Once you have both of these, you can get the class change. Since you can get all of this, you can even go on and get Defense and Excalibur, the ribbons, and even beat Kraken and Tiamit. So if you are struggling with Kary, just go on and come back and whip up on her later!

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