Final Fantasy 1 Walkthrough
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My Final Fantasy 1 Walkthrough
When you are finished choosing the people for your party, the screen will open up on the town of Coneria. Go into Coneria and get all the suplies you need. At the start, the weapons (building with sword pic- ture) and armor (building with shield picture) that I recommend are as follows:

Fighter:  Rapier, Chain Armor
Black Belt:  Wooden Nunchukas, No Armor (Evade % is much higher)
Thief:  Rapier, Wooden Armor
Red Mage:  Rapier, Chain Armor
White Mage:  Iron Hammer, Cloth
Black Mage:  Small Dagger, Cloth

There is also an ITEM shop (building with lamp picture), a CLINIC (building with heart picture) for reviving slain warriors, and an INN to save your game.

After you are done in Coneria, head up to the Temple of Fiends. It is northwest of Coneria at the northmost part of the area that you can cur- rently travel in. Go in and empty the treasure rooms that aren't locked. These are the two rooms on the left side.

Once you are finished doing this, you need to go after Garland. He is in the center room holding Princess Sara hostage. Once you defeat him, talk to Princess Sara. She will thank you and you will warp back to the castle at Coneria. Talk to the king. He will give you the North Bridge. Then talk to Princess Sara and she will give you the LUTE. This will "come in handy" much later in the game.

The next step is to go to Pravoka. Go north of Coneria until you come to the North Bridge, as the king said. Go across it. You will see the opening credits for the game. When they are over, head east. Keep bear- ing east until you come to Pravoka. Go in, get supplies, and talk to Bikke, the Pirate. He is in the northwest part of Pravoka. He will chal- lenge you, and you will be confronted by nine pirates. The pirates are pretty easy. They only take 6 DMG to kill, and they don't do very much damage to you. When you have defeated all of them, talk to Bikke and he will give you the SHIP.

When you are finished in Pravoka, go outside and you will see the SHIP at port. To get in, just step on it. Head out of the bay, then go south until you come to another port. Get off and head south through the for- est. You will eventually come to the town of Elfland. Go in and get the supplies that you can afford. While you're in this area, you probably al- so want to get a few level ups before you continue to the next step.

When you are ready to continue, head wesy until you come to a passage going north. Go north, and take the second left (the first left is a dead end). Then go south until you come to the Marsh Cave. The Marsh Cave is just a hole in the ground, so be watching for it. You probably want to save your game in a TENT, CABIN, or HOUSE. Then go into the Marsh Cave. Beware! There are some dangerous enemies in the Marsh Cave!

Once you are in, go up until you come to a staircase. Empty the treasure rooms that are on the next floor. Then go back down until you come to a room. Go in the room and take the ladder to the next floor. On the next floor, proceed to go the bottom right part of the room to find the next staircase. Go to the next floor.

On the next floor, you may want to empty all the treasure rooms. But for those of you who want to continue with the game, here's where you need to go. Go right past the first room and go down. When you come to the third room, go in. Heal up right in the doorway. Then step forward to go to the treasure box. You will be confronted by wizards. The number always varies. Wizards are pretty tough, so use your best Black Magic spells to take them out as early as possible. When you have defeated them, go for- ward and empty the treasure box. You will be rewarded with the CROWN. Now leave the Marsh Cave.

When you get out, save your game. If you get killed, you'll lose all of your work in the Marsh Cave without a save. Then go up until you come to the Northwest Castle. Save your game with a HOUSE (if you have magic users). Then save it with a TENT, so if you RESET, you'll have all your magic re- stored still. Then go into the Northwest Castle, and go to the center room. Talk to the king. He says that he is really Astos, king of the Dark Elves, and he has Matoya's Crystal. Then you will be taken to fight him. Astos uses RUB, a termination spell, so take him out FAST! If you get somebody killed, I recommend that you RESET. It will take you back to the last time you saved. Use all of your best magic against Astos. Once you defeat him, you will be rewarded with Matoya's CRYSTAL.

When you get out, save it, so you don't have to face Astos again if you get killed. Then go back to Elfland's northern port and get on the SHIP. Go back north, like you're heading to Coneria. When you get to Coneria's peninsula, go around it to the east, and sail under the North Bridge. Go north to the next port and dock. Then go north until you come to a cave. This is Matoya's Cave. Go in and empty the treasure boxes on the left side. You will find 2 HEALs and 1 PURE. Then go to the top center of the room and talk to Matoya. She will exchange the CRYSTAL for the HERB.

Now go back down to Elfland and go to the Castle of Elf. Go to the center room and talk to the Prince's aide, and then the Prince. The Prince will wake up from his long slumber and give you the Mystic KEY. You can use the Mystic KEY to empty all of those locked treasure rooms that you came across:

Castle Coneria:  2 Rooms
Castle of Elf:  2 Rooms
Dwarf Cave:  2 Rooms
Northwest Castle:  1 Room
Marsh Cave:  4 Rooms
Temple of Fiends:  2 Rooms

Using the Gold you picked up, buy HEALs. I recommend as many as you can get (99). Once you have gotten the TNT from the castle at Coneria, go to the Dwarf Cave. Talk to Nerrick (the dwarf at the bottom right of the locked room) and he will be able to finish his canal. Then use the ship to go to the west. You will find a canal that gives you access to ocean that you didn't have access to before. Go through the canal and you will find a town called Melmond. Melmond has been ransacked by vampires, so it looks like a desert. Get all the supplies you need at Melmond. I recommend that if you don't have more than one SOFT potion, get a few. You'll need it for the Earth Cave. There is no ITEM shop or CLINIC here, so I recommend that you go to Elfland to find them.

Now go south to the Earth Cave. Go in and empty it out until you come to the vampire on the third floor. He will challenge you. The vampire is rel- atively easy. Just use FIRE and HARM spells to take him out fast. He can do some pretty high hits! Once you defeat him, go to the treasure box be- hind him and you will be rewarded with the RUBY.

Use the RUBY to go through the Titan's Tunnel. It is over to the west of Melmond and the Earth Cave. Go in and feed the RUBY to the Titan. He will in turn let you pass. Empty the treasure room at the bottom. After doing so, go out the left staircase. Go around the tunnel to get to Sarda's Cave. He will give you the ROD. Use this to remove the stone plate behind the vampire's room in the Earth Cave. Then go down and you will eventually get to Lich.

Lich is the first of the four elemental fiends. He is the fiend of Earth. He is susceptible to FIRE and supposedly HARM. He has 400 HP and uses ICE2. Once you have defeated him, step on the altar to restore power to the Earth ORB. Then step forward again to be warped out of the Earth Cave.

Before you continue, I recommend a save at Melmond. Then get in the ship and go west until you come to a port on a peninsula. Dock and then head west. You will come to a crescent-shaped lake. Go around it and go to the town of Crescent Lake. Get all the supplies you need. Go north in town until you come to the Level 6 Magic Shops. Then go east and south until you get to a circle of sages. One of them will give you the CANOE to get to the Gurgu Volcano.

Now head out and step on the lake. You will continue in the canoe. Use the canals to manuever your way through the maze to get to the Gurgu Vol- cano. Be sure to write down your route! If you forget it, you could get very lost. Save your game at the Volcano if you deem it necessary.

Now go into the Volcano and clear it out. You will find a lot of useful stuff. Just watch out for Red Goyles, Red Giants, and Grey Worms. Also, watch for molten lava patches. They will take away 1 HP on each of your warriors with each step. Proceed with caution! Once you get to the fifth floor (use the map to determine this), you may want to get the Flame Armor. It is the only treasure box that actually has something in it on this floor. There is an Agama and a Red Dragon (uses BLAZE spell - equivalent to FIR3) guarding it, so be careful. Then proceed to the bottom left corner of that floor. This is Kary's room.

Kary is the second of the elemental fiends. She is the fiend of Fire. She takes 600 DMG and isn't very susceptible to anything. She uses FIRE spells as well. She can be very tough for inexperienced, and sometimes even experienced Light Warriors. You will eventually be able to beat her, though. Once you have, do the altar thing again and restore power to the Fire ORB. Then step out through the portal.

Save it here. Many of the enemies of the canals are tough, as you may have discovered on your way here. Then head back to Crescent Lake and get any more needed supplies. You probably also need to go back to Melmond to get more SOFTs for the Ice Cave. You can go south of the continent to get there. Then head toward Pravoka and dock at the mouth of the river in the circular bay. You can now dock here because of your CANOE. Then journey to the Ice Cave. This is also a maze, so write it down as well.

Once you get to the Ice Cave, save it. Even if you haven't gotten hit, save it! You'll see what I mean. The Ice Cave is a very, and I emphasize very, treacherous place. There are many difficult enemies in it (i.e. Wraiths, Mages, Sorcerers, Frost Wolves, Frost Giants, Frost Dragons). Start empty- ing it out. The brown circles are holes. They will warp you down a floor if stepped on. Manuever your way through the holes to get the FLOATER. This will allow you to get the AIRSHIP later. Now get out (easier said than done, right?).

Once you are out, save it, then manuever your way back out through the canals with the CANOE. Once you get back to the SHIP, head south until you come to a small desert. Dock at the mouth of the river to the east and go into the Ryukhan Desert. Then go to your ITEM screen and select the FLOATER. You will see a message about the AIRSHIP. Now exit with B and leave. To use the AIR- SHIP, step on top of it and press A.

The AIRSHIP can go anywhere! It can take you to places in the north that you weren't able to go to before. It must land on grassy areas though. To check this, be sure that its shadow is totally covering grass. Then press A to land. If you're not totally on grass, the AIRSHIP will bounce back up. Use the AIRSHIP to get all the supplies you still need quickly. SAVE YOUR GAME! You don't want to risk losing the AIRSHIP and having to do the Ice Cave all over again.

Now go north. You will see a bunch of islands. Go east, until you come to the Castle of Ordeal. You can either find the closest landing spot and trek all the way in, or you can go get your SHIP and use that to come in closer. Either way, get to the Castle of Ordeal and save it. Then go in and empty it out. The first floor is easy. There are no enemies. Use the CROWN in the throne room at the top left. Then go to the second floor. It is a very complex maze. It takes a lot of experience at it to crack the code, but you'll eventually figure it out. You can use the columns as tele- porters. The first couple of columns are easy. After that, keep in mind this: When there are more than one column, take the bottom one or the right one. You will eventually get to the staircase to the next floor. The next floor has some hard enemies, but its layout is simple. Just go around and empty it out. You will finally find the TAIL. Then use the throne to exit the castle.

Once you get out, get back to your AIRSHIP. Remember those islands? Head over there. These are called the Cardia Islands. Empty out each island. The most important island is the island that has two caves on it. There is nothing in the top one, so go in the bottom one. Head down, down, down, until you come to a staircase. Then go up, up, up until you get to a dragon on a throne. Talk to him, and get classed-up!!

With the class change, there are many changes in your warriors. Magicians can use more spells. All your warriors, except the Black Belt, can use more armor and weapons. The fighter (now Knight) can use some L1-L3 White Magic. The thief (now Ninja) can use any L1-L4 Black Magic. He can also use any weapon except the Wizard Staff and Excalibur. The Knight can now wear any armor except the White and Black Shirts. Your White and Black Wizards can now use every spell in their category.

Now save your game with the class change. Then go up to the northwest part of the map. You will find a waterfall. Find the nearest landing spot and then use the CANOE to get to it. There is a cave under this waterfall. That is why it is called The Cave Under the Waterfall. Go in and head left. Keep going left until you can't go left anymore. Then go down. You will come to a room. Go in and talk to the robot in there. Then empty the trea- sure boxes. You will find Defense and a Ribbon. Equip them both. Then get out of the cave.

Once you are out, you will want to save your game. Defense and the Ribbon are very powerful. Save it with them. Then go back to your AIRSHIP. Go north to the desert. You will come to an OASIS. Land and go into the OASIS. Buy the BOTTLE for 50000 G. Then fly west until you find a city surrounded by mountains. Go in. This city is called Gaia. If you haven't been here already, get supplies. Go left in town until there is a passage up. Go up and go around the ITEM shop. Then go right and through the trees until you come to a spring. Go to your Item screen and select the BOTTLE. Then exit out and you will see the fairy that just escaped. Talk to her and she will give you OXYALE to breathe underwater. Now exit Gaia and head back toward the waterfall. Land in the same spot. Then head east until you come to another town. This is Onrac. Go in and save it at the Inn. Then go right until you see a woman with a submarine. Talk to her. She will disappear. Then step on the submarine.

This is the Mermaid Shrine. It is underwater. That is what you needed the OXYALE for. Go up and branch off to the right. You will find a staircase going up. Go up, and empty that floor. Then find the staircase. Go to the next floor and empty it out totally. There are no enemies on this floor, so don't worry. You will find a bunch of Opal stuff and the SLAB. Once you are done, either EXIT and save it, or go back down to the starting floor. Once on the starting floor, take the staircase to the left. Empty each floor and keep going on the staircases. You will eventually get to a room with a purple ball. Heal up to MHP. Then talk to the ball.

This is Kraken, the third fiend. He is the fiend of water. He takes 800 DMG and is a very strong hitter. He uses, and is susceptible to LIT. Once you have defeated him, do the altar thing again. You will light the third ORB, the Water ORB. Now exit the Mermaid Shrine through the portal.

You have one more fiend to go, but there is still a bit you must do to get to him. Get in the AIRSHIP and go back down to the town of Melmond. Go up to the top right corner, until you come to a man in the graveyard. Talk to him and he will teach you Lefeinish. Use this to talk to the people of Le- fein. Save it with the knowledge, and then go to the northwest part of the map. You will see a desert that has a tower in it. This castle is a mirage. That is why it is called the Mirage Tower. Go north until you come to a dense forest. Find a landing spot in a clearing. Then head east and south until you come to the town of Lefein. Go in and talk to people. One man will give you the CHIME to enter the Mirage Tower. Then get out and go back to the AIRSHIP. You probably lost some HP and magic on your way down and back up, so save it.

Remember the Mirage Tower? Go to it and find the closest landing spot. Then go to the Mirage Tower and save it outside. Then go in and empty it out. You will eventually come to a room with a transporter. It is guarded by a Blue Dragon. He does THUNDER (equivalent to LIT3). Then go through the transporter. You will be transported to the Floating Castle.

Now empty out each room in the Floating Castle. On the second floor of the Floating Castle, you will find the ADAMANT. This will allow you to get the second best weapon in the game--Excalibur. You can get that by going to the Dwarf Cave and talking to the blacksmith. On the next floor of the Floating Castle, you will find a Katana. This can only be used by the Ninja. The next floor is a maze if you don't know how to do it. I have figured it out. If you go up twice, then go right twice, you will get to a trans- porter going up (you tell the direction by which way the triangle is pointing).

This next floor can be tricky. The path is easy (or maybe going up is too hard?), but the enemies (especially the enemy) can be tough. There is an enemy on this floor called the WarMech. He does NUCLEAR (equivalent to NUKE!) From what I've heard, though, there is only a 1 in 64 chance of hitting him. But I have hit him to or three times in a row before. He is heavily armored and takes 1000 DMG to kill! He is even harder than Tiamit, the Wind Fiend, which is the whole reason you're in here!

When you get to a purple ball, heal up to max (if the WarMech hasn't exhaus- ted your HEALs and CUREs. Then talk to the ball and you will be confronted by Tiamit, the Wind Fiend. He takes 1000 DMG and does FIRE, LIT, and THUNDER. He is easier than the WarMech, though. Once you have defeated him, do the altar thing one last time to light the last and final ORB, the Wind ORB. Then exit through the portal.

You have all four ORBs lit now! "What comes next?" you may ask. The final battle in which you will be challenged to see if your party can stand the ultimate evil. If you are not at least Level 25, get there! Save your game for sure!

If you choose to continue, go to the Temple of Fiends. Go inside and talk to the bats. They will tell you a story. Then talk to the black ORB. It will give you a message about the four ORBs covering the black ORB and causing the 2000 year time warp. Now step forward and go back in time.

You will appear in the Temple of Fiends 2000 years in the past. Go to the bottom right corner of the room and find the staircase. On the next floor, I'll let you decide where you need to go (for those beginners, it is straight over to the right). Now head to the bottom center of the room and go into the center room. Watch out for Gas Dragons! They do POISON (not equivalent to any of your spells, but does anywhere from 200 to 400 DMG on all your warriors.

When you are in the center room, you will be confronted by the Phantom. He uses STOP and ZAP! and doesn't give you any experience points. The 1 EP and 1 G is not a flaw in the game. Now go forward until you can't anymore. Remember the LUTE that you got a long, long time ago? It is about to "come in handy." Select it from your Item screen. The evil gate will shatter, revealing a staircase. Go down the staircase. On the next floor, go to the top left corner. Go on that staircase.

This floor is the Earth floor. It will have many enemies from the Earth Cave, plus some extras (Medusas, MudGols, RockGols). Most importantly, though, Lich is back. This time, though, he takes 500 HP and does NUKE. He is right before the staircase to the next level, so be on the lookout for him.

The next floors will continue to go through the fiends. The next floor is, of course, Kary. She does FIR3 and takes 700 DMG to kill. The following floor is Kraken. He does outrageous hits and does LIT2 and INK. He also takes 900 DMG to kill.

The next floor is the Air Floor, but it also has a very important treasure. In the bottom right corner, there is a zigzag of the corner. Follow that, and you will come to a treasure room. Empty the treasure box and receive the Masmune. The Masmune is the best weapon in the game. Anybody can use it. It is very powerful against the enemies you come across.

Now go back up to the top of this floor. You will see two square shaped passages connected by a narrow walkway. Heal up at the right part of the square. Then go to the passage. You will come across Tiamit. He takes 1100 DMG to kill and does BANE. He is pretty hard the second time you face him. Once you defeat him, continue on to the top right corner, and go in the staircase.

There are no enemies on this floor except one. . . CHAOS! That's his name. He is the master fiend and was created by all four of the fiends combined. He is very tough. He can use any spell, plus his own spells that are diff- erent from the others you have run across. The most important spells that he uses are NUKE, CRACK, and CUR4. He takes 2000 DMG to kill and is pretty heavily armored. Use your best spells against him!

Once you have beaten Chaos, you have beaten the game. The story will be finished on the screen. YOU ARE HEROES! Your game won't be saved, but what's the point of saving it if you've beaten it?

THE END . . . or is it?
Now that you have finished your game, keep doing the game over and over
again with different characters in your party.  Believe me, the game will
never cease to be fun and challenging.  There are always more things you
can try with Final Fantasy.  Never stop playing it!

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Designed and created by George H. Smith