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Power and Location of Weapons

* denotes special ability (see item page)

WeaponD/H%LocationWho Can Use It
Bane Sword*22/20Floating Castle
Coral Sword19/15Earth Cave
Dragon Sword19/15Dwarf Cave
Excalibur45/35Dwarf Cave
Falchon15/10Northwest Castle, Melmond
Flame Sword*26/20Ice Cave
Giant Sword21/20Gurgu Volcano
Great Axe22/5Titan's Tunnel
Hand Axe16/5Pravoka
Heal Staff*6/0Castle of Ordeal
Ice Sword29/25Gurgu Volcano, Castle of Ordeal
Iron Hammer9/0Coneria, Pravoka
Iron Nunchuck16/0Elfland
Iron Staff14/0Elfland, Castle Coneria
Katana33/35Floating Castle, Temple of Fiends II
Large Dagger7/10Elfland, Marsh Cave
Light Axe*28/15Mermaid Shrine - 2
Long Sword20/10Melmond
Mage Staff*12/10Mermaid Shrine
Masmune56/50Temple of Fiends II
Power Staff12/0Melmond
Rune Sword18/15Temple of Fiends I
Short Sword15/10Pravoka, Marsh Cave
Silver Axe25/10Crescent Lake, Gurgu Volcano
Silver Hammer12/5Castle of Elf, Crescent Lake
Silver Knife10/15Castle Coneria, Dwarf Cave, Crescent Lake
Silver Sword23/15Elfland, Crescent Lake
Sun Sword32/30Mirage Tower
Thor's Hammer*18/15Mirage Tower
Vorpal24/25Mirage Tower
Were Sword18/15Temple of Fiends I
Wizard Staff*15/15Waterfall
Wooden Nunchuck12/0Coneria
Wooden Staff6/0Coneria, Earth Cave

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