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Special Party Walkthroughs

Due to popular demand via the fan poll, I have decided to create a page of walkthroughs with the craziest, hardest, impossiblest (?) parties the game has to offer. I define the hardest parties in the game as the ones with absolutely no diversity, totally exploiting the weaknesses of one character class. These, of course, are having each of the four party members be the same class (i.e., four fighters), and solo parties. Some are easier than others, while some are harder. Some of these parties I have done before, and some I have not. I will go through each one first with the class change, and later on I might go through them without the class change (if I feel so bold).

The format of these walkthroughs will be similar to that of my affiliate Final Fantasy Origins, the site that gave me the idea in the first place (and any similarities I give FFO credit for). I will "log in" when I start playing, and make entries at important points in the game. I also plan to include pictures of the journey for the harder parties (as evidence, if you will). Each game will be played from an NES emulator, but I will play it like the cartridge version, and I will only save the state when I save the game legitimately, or if I will be coming back to it later. I will reset the emulator if I perish, and will not restore savestates to change the result of any battle.

I just wanted to get that out of the way. And now, without further ado...

Party #1:

Journey Begins: May 10, 2004

Journey Completed: June 22, 2004

Expectations prior to game start:

Surprises and post-game comments:

Party #2:

Journey Begins: June 22, 2004

Expectations prior to game start:

Party #3:

Note: This was actually a challenge from a Guestbook entry.

Journey Begins: Upon completion of Party #2

Expectations prior to game start: