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Solo Ninja Party

The challenge in the Guestbook was actually for a solo thief, but I wanted to do the solo ninja party first. I will get an idea for how hard the solo thief party would be during that game, if it is even possible. Solo ninja will be hard enough, especially since half of the game will be with the pathetic thief. I want to try the solo thief party, but I want to do this one first. Consider it scouting out, if you will. Solo parties enhance the strengths and exploit the weaknesses of the particular class you are using, and the thief has few strengths and plenty of weaknesses to exploit. I will be saved halfway through by the class change during this party, but will not with the solo thief. I expect a lot of time spent leveling up, frustration, and possibly even money spent on a new controller (after I have thrown mine against the wall so many times). I will be using the emulator on my computer for this one.

This party will begin upon completion of the Solo Knight Party.