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When you are finished choosing the people for your party, the screen will open up on the town of Coneria. Go into Coneria and get all the supplies you need. The supplies I have listed here may take some extra G to obtain, as you only have 400 G at the beginning without defeating any enemies. At the start, the weapons (building with sword picture) and armor (building with shield picture) that I recommend are as follows:

Fighter: Rapier (10 G), Chain Armor (80 G)

Black Belt: Wooden Nunchukas (10 G), No Armor (Evade % is much higher)

Thief: Rapier (10 G), Wooden Armor (40 G)

Red Mage: Rapier (10 G), Chain Armor (80 G)

White Mage: Iron Hammer (10 G), Cloth (10 G)

Black Mage: Small Dagger (5 G), Cloth (10 G)

There is also an ITEM shop (building with lamp picture), a CLINIC (building with heart picture) for reviving slain warriors, and an INN to save your game.

CLINIC prices will increase as you progress through the various towns in the game. Once you have the AIRSHIP, I suggest that you make use of the 40 G price at Coneria when reviving a warrior. The same goes for INNs. Once you have the AIRSHIP, you can save it wherever you want.

Note: It is important for you to save your game very often. If you have just leveled up, found an item of importance, or beaten a dungeon, save your game. Even if you are about to go into a dungeon, save it, so that you will come right back to that spot if you don't make it out. You don't want to risk getting killed by an enemy and losing everything you have accomplished so far.

When you are purchasing ITEMS, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. On my Items page, it lists the importance of each particular ITEM. HEAL potions are probably the most important thing to buy. They will restore HP to the warrior of your choice either inside or outside of combat. They are your backup HEAL and CURE spells, should you ever run out. I recommend that you fill up on these (99). PUREs are also important, but not as important. Before going into the Marsh Cave, I recommend at least 15, and at least 25 before going into the Earth Cave. You may not need them, but you need to prepare for the worst-case scenario. ITEMs that save are also important, because they restore your HP and save the game, but they can only be used outside. They cannot be used in any dungeon. TENTs and CABINs are usually sufficient, but if you have magicians in your party, you might want to get some HOUSEs to save your magic. SOFTs will restore life to a warrior that has been stoned. You usually don't need to carry around any more than about 15 or 20, but if you want to be on the safe side, you can buy more. You will not need them until the Earth Cave. In the Earth Cave, you can encounter Coctrices, which will stone people if they get the chance. Keep in mind, though, that SOFTs cost 800 G apiece. The ITEM shop in Coneria has HEALs (60 G), PUREs (75 G), and TENTs (75 G).

There are four spells in the Level 1 category in both the white and black magic shops. All of them cost 100 G. The white magic spells are CURE, HARM, RUSE, and FOG, and the black magic spells are FIRE, LIT, LOCK, and SLEP. I suggest CURE for the white and red mages, HARM for the white mage, and FIRE and LIT for the red and black mages.

After you are done in Coneria, I suggest that you build up a level or two before doing anything else. Your first level up requires 40 EP to achieve, but that will increase at a fast rate as the game goes on. Once you have leveled up sufficiently, head up to the Temple of Fiends. It is northwest of Coneria at the northmost part of the area that you can currently travel in. Go in and empty the treasure rooms that aren't locked. These are the two rooms on the left side. Then you can either stick around and go after the guardian of the Temple of Fiends, or you can go back to Coneria and save it before you proceed. Either way, I suggest that you at least leave the Temple of Fiends and save it right outside.

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Designed and created by George H. Smith