Crescent Lake
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Crescent Lake

Once you have gotten to Melmond (and saved), get in your ship and go south. Follow the shoreline to the west, and when you get to the peninsula, round it and travel west. You will also need to go a little south. When you see a dock on a green peninsula out in the middle of nowhere, dock at it. Then go west around the mountains, and continue going west until you see a crescent-shaped lake around a town. Go around this lake and go into the town.

This is Crescent Lake. There are many useful supplies here. At the weapon shop, you can find silver stuff: silver swords (4000 G), silver axes (4000 G?), silver knives (800 G?), and silver hammers (2500 G). These probably won't be too useful to you unless you have more than one white mage (hammer), more than two black mages (knife), or if you have somebody who can use the silver sword that didn't get one at ElfLand. However, the armor shop has much more useful items: silver armor (7500 G), silver gauntlets (2500 G), silver shields (2500 G), silver helmets (2500 G), and bucklers (2500 G). The silver helmets, shields, and gauntlets will upgrade the armor that you already have on your fighters. The silver armor is also really good for A power without taking up too much E%, but if you want something cheaper that does almost the same thing but takes up even less E%, then get the silver bracelet (Melmond). The bucklers can be used by red mages and thieves, and they are the only thing even resembling a shield that either one can use until after the class change (the red mage still can't then).

The magic shops have a lot of useful spells at them, but unfortunately several of them cannot be used until after the class change. However, all of them cost 20000 G. In the Black Magic Shop, you can find LIT3, QAKE, RUB, and STUN. In the White Magic Shop, you can find INV2, FOG2, SOFT, and EXIT. I will tell you the Level 6 spells that I think you should eventually get, but some of them are not possible until after the class change. For a white mage, I recommend that you at least get EXIT, and FOG2 and INV2 also work well. If you want to stop paying 800 G per SOFT potion, then you can pay 20000 G and get a SOFT spell (I don't think it's worth it). For a black mage, I suggest you get LIT3 and QAKE, and if you want to fill up your racks, take your pick between RUB and STUN. For a red mage, the three best spells (in my mind) are LIT3, FOG2, and EXIT. I used to think INV2 was better, but FOG2 can substantially reduce hits on all of your light warriors. There is also an Item Shop, should you need to get something out of there, and a CLINIC (200 G). There is also an INN right above the entrance where you can save your game for 300 G.

Once you are done getting supplies, you are ready to continue with the story. Go up to the Magic Shops, but instead of going in, go east through the gap in the trees. Follow the path around until you get to a bunch of sages in a circle (the Circle of Sages). You can talk to all of them and they will tell you part of the story, but the only one you need to talk to is the one on the second row from the bottom on the right side (look at the picture). He will give you the CANOE, which you will need to continue on with the game.

You will never have to come back here again, but they can give you some useful information, should you get lost. Now that you have the canoe, you can go on any body of water in the whole game. You can test it on the lake outside if you want.

To get on with the story, then you will need to build up your warriors. I suggest that you get them up to Level 16 at least, and preferrably Level 18 or so. You can also use this time to gather G for buying supplies. Once you have built up sufficiently, then save your game at the INN.

Once you are ready, then you can go on to the Gurgu Volcano.

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