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Learning Lefeinish

In order to learn Lefeinish, you need to give the SLAB to Dr. Unne, who is in Melmond. So go back to Melmond.

Then find Dr. Unne, who is in the top right corner of town and talk to him. He will teach you Lefeinish. Then leave Melmond.

Now you can go on to Lefein (pictured above). Lefein is in the top right corner of the map surrounded by trees, east of the tower in the middle of the huge desert. Once you have found it, you will have to park pretty far away to the north, because there is a very large forest around it. You might also face some pretty tough enemies during your journey.

Once you get to Lefein, you can talk to anybody and understand what they are saying. They will tell you the story about how they had some warriors just like you who used the AIRSHIP that you are using. But their warriors never came back... They will also tell you about the Mirage Tower and the Floating Castle. The only one you need to talk to is the one on the right side of town that is not moving. Talk to him, and he will give you the CHIME, which you need to get into the Mirage Tower.

Once you have gotten the CHIME, you can leave Lefein and go back to your AIRSHIP. Before the next step, I would suggest that you level up some more. I would recommend about Level 26 or 27 for the next part. Once you have leveled up sufficiently, you are ready to go on to the Mirage Tower.

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