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Earth Cave

Possible Enemies:

This will be the first of two treks that you make into the Earth Cave. In the first trek, you will get an item that you need to get to another item that you need to access the bottom two floors of the cave. However, the item that you get in here is guarded by a vampire. Once you have gotten to the Earth Cave, you should save it outside, restoring to MHP. Then, you can go in.

Once you get inside, you can clean out the first floor, if you like. There really aren't too many important items in this cave, except for G. There are two treasure rooms on the first floor. One you can get to by taking the path directly above the entrance, amd the other by taking the path down and to the right from the entrance. If you don't want to waste time on these rooms, then you can just take the path directly to the right from the entrance, and it will take you to a staircase to the next floor.

On the second floor, there are also two rooms. The first one is found by going down from the staircase and meandering around until you find the entrance. The other is right by the staircase to the next floor, which is on the right side of this floor. The one close to the staircase has a Coral Sword in it, which is equivalent to the Dragon Sword. If you have a thief, pick it up; otherwise, its only use is for G. Then go to the staircase, and on to the next floor.

This floor is the floor with the Vampire, who is practically right above the staircase. However, since the floor is structured like a spiral, you have to go all the way around to get to him. There are five treasure rooms on this floor, if I remember correctly, and one of them has nothing in it (top-left corner). Two of them only have G (top-center and next to Vampire room), one has a TENT (first one you come to), and one has a HEAL potion (take a right where you would normally take a left, and follow the path down to get to it). Once you have gone the full rotation, you will get to a rectangular room in the center. This is the room that has the RUBY in it, but it is guarded by the vampire.

The fight against the vampire is really not that hard. Just make sure that you are healed up all the way before going against him, because he can hit hard. However, using a FIR3 or HRM3 once on him will wipe him out, or even a hit from the silver sword in the hands of a fighter could do it. After you have defeated the vampire, open the treasure box behind him, and you will find the RUBY.

You have to leave now; it may look like you can go on through the other door, but it leads to a dead end (a stone plate covers up the staircase to the next floor).

So, leave the cave and remember to save it. Then you are ready to go through the Titan's Tunnel.

Go Through the Titan's Tunnel

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