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When you are ready to head across the sea, step on your ship from the dock and it will go wherever you tell it to. Its cruising speed is twice the speed you can achieve on land. However, there are also enemies in the sea that will challenge you occasionally. The main ones that you will encounter on the Aldi Sea (the sea you are on) are the BigEye (12 HP - does gaze), the Shark (120 HP - big hits), the Kyzoku (50 HP - big hits; 120 G!), and the Sahag (28 HP). All enemies on the sea are tough to hit, so don't be surprised when you are missing a lot. As your level, magic, and weapon power increases, you will hit better against them. The LIT spell (Level 1) is very helpful in terminating any of these enemies quickly. Head toward the southwest. The easiest way to find exactly where you are going is to follow the coastline down from Pravoka. You will eventually come to a dock, where you can stop your ship and continue on land. The dock is a gray brick structure that looks just like it did at Pravoka. Once you have docked, head down until you find a town in the clearing. This is the town of ElfLand.

Note: The area arround ElfLand is infested with many tough enemies. You may not be able to survive the trip in. If you have trouble, RESET the game to start back at Pravoka and level up until you can handle it.

ElfLand is one of the biggest towns that you will ever be in. It is easy to get lost in it. If you have the Handbook, you can find a map of ElfLand, as well as every town up to Crescent Lake. In ElfLand, there are many important things. There are white and black magic shops from levels three and four, plus a weapon shop, an armor shop, an INN (100 G), a clinic (120 G), and an ITEM shop. All of these will be able to provide you with some very useful supplies for the entire game.

There is a lot of magic in ElfLand. There are four Level 3 white and black magic spells (1500 G each) and four Level 4 white and black magic spells (4000 G each). The Level 3 white magic spells are CUR2, HEAL, AFIR, and HRM2, and the Level 3 black magic spells are FIR2, LIT2, LOK2, and HOLD. The Level 4 white magic spells are AICE, PURE, FEAR, and AMUT, and the Level 4 black magic spells are ICE2, CONF, FAST, and SLP2. The combination that you use for each occupation depends on the party. AFIR is very important to have, and so are FIR2 and LIT2. If you have a white mage, you should also get HEAL and HRM2, while your black mage should get LOK2. You may not need these right away, so if you want to come back later and get some of these, that is okay. I recommend that you get HEAL and FIR2 as quick as possible. In regards to Level 4 magic, you probably will not be able to use any of these until later, so you might as well save your money. If you have the gold and the capability and just want to get it over with, these are my suggestions. You should get AICE for your red and white mages, ICE2 and CONF for your red and black mages, PURE for your white mage (or for your red mage if you don't want to get CONF), and anything else to fill leftover spots.

In the way of weapons, there are many upgrades to get here. If you still have rapiers on anybody, you should upgrade them to sabres. For your fighters and red mages, you will want to get silver swords as quickly as possible. The silver sword is one of the top 15 weapons in the game, and at 23/15 one can understand why. You should upgrade your black belt's wooden nunchukas to iron nunchukas (200 G), and you should also upgrade the black mage's small dagger to a large dagger (175 G). Unfortunately, you will not be able to upgrade your white mage's weaponry for awhile, so don't even worry about him.

In the way of armor, you should upgrade all those with wooden or cloth armor to copper bracelets (1000 G). If you haven't upgraded your fighter's armor to Iron Armor, you can still buy it here for 800 G. You should get caps (80 G) for everybody but the fighter. For the fighter, you should upgrade to Iron Shield (100 G), and you should purchase a wooden helmet (100 G) in addition to what he already has.

When purchasing ITEMs, you should remember that ElfLand will probably be your most reliable source for SOFT potions. You won't need them now, but later on, ElfLand will be the best place, and sometimes the only place, to buy them. Before going on, I recommend that you purchase at least 30 to 40 HEALs for your upcoming journey. I also recommend that you get many level-ups; the amount of level-ups will depend on the party. If you have a pretty balanced party or all fighters, level 8 or 9 is usually a good level to get to. If you have a heavy magic party or something like all thiefs and black belts, you should probably get a little higher (at least 10, but most of these will need 12 to complete). When you have accomplished these things, you will be ready to proceed to the Marsh Cave.

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