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The Temple of Fiends (Revisited), Fiend Floors and Chaos

This is the first of the four fiend floors, the Earth floor. You will fight some of the same enemies that you fought in the Earth Cave, but the fights will have more of them. You may also fight some enemies that you never saw in the Earth Cave (i.e., MudGols, RockGols, and Green Medusas). The staircase is in the bottom right, but you must fight Lich to get to it (why these are called the fiend floors).

Now don't go assuming that Lich is exactly the same as he was when you fought him the first time. That will get you killed easily. This Lich has 500 HP (the other had 400), and he will cast NUKE on you, killing any weak party members if you don't defeat him quickly. Once you do defeat him, you will receive 2000 EP total (divided by no. of party members) and 1 G, which is the same that all of the other fiends will give you. Then go into the staircase (be sure not to backtrack, because you will have to fight Lich again).

This is the second of the fiend floors, the Kary floor. On this floor you can encounter any of the major enemies from the Volcano (i.e., agamas, red giants, grey worms), except that you will hit parties of 2-4 of them instead of just one, like in the Volcano. Go left and then up to the door in the room above you. Then head to the right and back down through the other door. Then go down and left toward the other staircase. You will see a gap below you, leading to two treasure rooms. The one on the left contains a protective ring, and the one on the right contains another protective cape. If you go all the way through the room on the left, you will eventually get to another door. This leads to a passage that will take you to another treasure room with a second Katana (only good if you have more than one ninja in your party). Then come back out of the treasure rooms and go toward the down staircase. Like before, one step in front of it you will fight Kary.

Kary is not that much harder than before. However, she does have 700 HP (as opposed to 600 on the previous one), and casts FIR3 on you. However, with ribbons and/or ice armor, the hits should be significantly decreased. Her physical hits can also be pretty high. She also has the same vulnerabilities as before, making it so that you have to beat her to death or use LIT3. I wouldn't waste a FADE or NUKE on her, unless you have a lot of them, because you want to save them for Tiamit and Chaos. Once you have beaten her, you will receive 2000 total EP and 1 G. Then go into the staircase.

This is the third fiend floor, Kraken's floor. On this floor you will encounter pretty much the same enemies as you encountered in the Mermaid Shrine in about the same quantity as before. However, you will hit waters more often than you did in the Mermaid Shrine. Go into the door to your right, and out the other door. Then go down and around the end of the room below you and go into the door. Go all the way through the room and go out the other door. Then go up and into the door above you, going into the center room with the idols and out the door. Go into the hallway leading to the staircase, but beware that five steps into the hallway you will encounter Kraken.

Kraken has some big differences from before, including the addition of an INK spell, which casts DARK on your whole party. He does LIT2, but ribbons will lower the damage you receive from it, which is not very high anyway. This Kraken has 900 HP, whereas the first one had only 800. The biggest difference, however, is that Kraken can physically hit you for a LOT of damage. I have been known to have ninjas or black belts at their MHP of 500 or more be wiped out in one hit. LIT3 does work very well against him, but again I wouldn't use the FADE or NUKE unless he is just killing people left and right. Once you have killed him you will receive 2000 total EP and 1 G. Then go the rest of the way down the hallway and go into the staircase.

This is the last of the fiend floors, Tiamit's floor. On this floor, you will encounter the same enemies as you encountered before, but in larger parties (up to 6 airs at once, 4 rock gols, 4 worms, sorcerers, etc.). You can even hit an enemy called the IronGol (supposedly). I, personally, have never hit it, but it is on the enemy chart and other websites say that this is where you hit it. Don't worry, because as many times as I have played the game, I have never hit it. Tiamit is directly to the right (around the bend and in the passage) if you want to go on (or have already picked up the Masmune). However, if you have not picked up the Masmune, do it now. The Masmune is through a passage in the bottom-right corner, but in order to get there you must meander your way around all of the bends in the place. When you get to the bottom-right corner, you will see a crooked passage leading toward nowhere (or so it seems). Follow this passage and you will arrive at a treasure room, where you will be rewarded with the Masmune.

The masmune is the best weapon in the game, and anybody can use it, including un-upgraded warriors (if for some reason you didn't get the class change). Right now, I would give it to one of your magicians (white mage will receive the most benefit), because their hits are already weak, and it will help you to balance out your party's physical hits a little more. However, the Masmune actually will lower the black belt/grand master's hits, so do not equip him with it (If you have all black belts in your party, there is no reason to even get the Masmune. Once you have retrieved the Masmune, you can leave the Temple of Fiends with an EXIT spell and use it as a place to get experience until you are ready to try Chaos. However, beware that if you do leave and come back, all of the fiends will also be in their original places like before. I would suggest at least a level of 30 before trying Chaos, and preferrably 33 or more (the lowest level that I have beat him at is 25). Since Chaos is the final boss, you can even level all of the way up to 50 if you have that much time on your hands.

If you are ready to go on now, head back up toward the staircase. When you get to the place where you can go to the left to get to the staircase, take a right (just go straight through to get to Tiamit if you are coming through for the second time). Tiamit is in the middle of the small passage to the right.

Tiamit still does THUNDER, as he did before, but this time he has 1100 HP (as opposed to 1000). His hits are about medium-strength, but the real thing to be cautious about is that he will cast BANE on your party if given a chance. There are no weapons or armor that will stop BANE, so all you can do is pray (or cross your fingers if you are not religious) that he will not cast it on you, or if he does it will not work. You will more than likely lose people (I lost my whole party once), but if you have somebody with a LIFE spell you can bring them back after the fight. Once you do beat him, you will receive 2000 total EP and 1 G (where have we heard this before?). Then work your way around to the staircase.

This is the bottom and final floor of the Temple of Fiends, revisited, and on this floor you will fight Chaos. There are no other enemies on this floor, so you don't have to worry about anything except him. To make sure that you are ready when you do fight him, I would just go ahead and prepare now. Make sure that everybody is healed to MHP (if you still have Level 1 CURE spells or any HEAL potions, use them). Then check your armor to make sure that everybody is equipped with the best stuff (you no longer have to worry about using ITEMS, as they will be extremely weak against Chaos). Once your armor is ready, check your weapons, which you may want to rearrange. If you currently have the Masmune in the hands of a white mage, take it off of him and put it onto a knight or ninja, as the white mage will mostly be casting HEAL or CURE spells and FADE. The red wizard would probably also be good, but if you follow my strategy for fighting Chaos, you will not get to hit with him until at least the second round, and even then not that often. Once you have prepared everything, go down and into the room in the center.

You will see Garland again, and he will say something about how you thought you had defeated him and now he is back...bla, bla, bla.

Then he will go one step back. Talk to him again and he will say something about how the time loop keeps him going to the future and back.

Then he will take one step back. BEFORE YOU TALK TO HIM, CHECK YOUR EQUIPMENT ONE LAST TIME! When you do talk to him, he will say something about how he will live forever and you will meet your doom.

Then you will fight Chaos. I am not sure if Garland turns into Chaos, or if he is just Chaos's chief taunter, but after you talk to him three times you will fight Chaos.

If you want a full version of my strategy on how to beat Chaos, check the tips page for the "How to Defeat Chaos" Tip. I will give you a shortened version of it here. Basically first round you want to have all of your magicians cast defensive spells over your entire party (including both INV2 and FOG2, if you have them). Have the ninja (or a black wizard) cast FAST on the person with the Masmune. You can also use the ninja or the black wizard to cast LOK2 on Chaos. Both FAST and LOK2 should increase the Masmune's hits on Chaos. The knight and the black belt/grand master should just hit Chaos all the way through the fight.

Chaos has 2000 HP and an extensive library of spells, including FIR3, ICE3, LIT3, NUKE, POISON, CRACK, and one of his own, called SWIRL. Ribbons will decrease the damage of all of the elemental spells, but spells like NUKE and CRACK cannot be defensed. CRACK (which is also used by the Sand Worm) is just like the BANE spell when it comes to effectiveness. It could cost you your whole party if you are just that unlucky. Also, when you are getting close to beating Chaos, he will often times cast CUR4, healing himself back up to 1700 HP.

After the first round, you should have your white and red wizards heal people that need it, and if you don't need that much healing, have your white wizard(s) cast FADE on Chaos. The black wizard should just use the highest level spell that he has every round (NUKE, then ICE3, then LIT3, then FIR3, etc.). You should beat Chaos (or the wizard will die) before dropping all the way into the ICE2 level.

If you follow this strategy (allowing some variations), you should beat Chaos eventually, but you might lose a few people. However, it doesn't matter because YOU HAVE BEATEN THE GAME!

Chaos will crumble into oblivion, and then the ending will appear.

You can consider this the end of the game, especially since after the story has completed a very stylish "The End" will appear on the screen (it gets old after awhile). However, I would encourage you, if this is your first time (which for most of you it probably is), to try the whole game with another party (maybe a bit harder?). This game has so many possible ways of playing it, because each possible party changes how you play the whole game. Don't stop playing Final Fantasy 1, because it will start to grow on you. I would even encourage you to play the other games in the Final Fantasy series (if you haven't already). All of them are very fun and enjoyable and will provide hours of entertainment.


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