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Possible Enemies:

After you have saved your game and are ready to go after the guardian, go into the Temple of Fiends. Go straight up from the entrance and into the center room. Walk forward some more and talk to the guy; this is Garland. He has captured Princess Sara, and you have been given a mission by the king to save her. Next you must fight Garland, and there are a few things that you need to know about Garland.

He is one of the heaviest hitters that you have encountered so far, and he requires more HP than anything else so far (see my enemy chart once it is completed). Magic works pretty well against him, and your fighters will also hit him decently. Overall, though, he is really pretty easy. Once you have beaten him, go up and talk to Princess Sara. She will thank you and you will warp out of the Temple of Fiends.

Once you are safely back in the Castle of Coneria, talk to both the King and the Princess. The King will tell you that he built a bridge to the north (hence, the North Bridge) for you to continue your journey. The princess will give you the LUTE, a musical instrument that she says "...just might come in handy." Believe me, it will later on.

Then save your game at the INN in Coneria. Once you have done this, head north of Coneria, where you will find the North Bridge. Cross it, and you will see the credits of the game.

Once they are finished, you are ready to go on to Pravoka.

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