Gurgu Volcano
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Gurgu Volcano

Possible Enemies:

Once you are ready to leave Crescent Lake, the next part of the story, according to the Circle of Sages, is to defeat the Fire fiend at the Volcano. In order to do this now, you have to have a canoe. Follow the river after it flows out of the northern part of the crescent-shaped lake, and you will arrive at a maze of waterways. I don't remember which way to go off of the top of my head, but it isn't that difficult. If you are built up enough to fight the enemies in the canal, you should survive. You will eventually come to a dead-end in the water at a green area. If you look to the east, then you can see the volcano surrounded by a sort of moat (look at the picture above). Be sure that you save it outside, and I suggest that you use a HOUSE, if you have one, to restore magic. Once you have used the HOUSE, be sure that you save again with a TENT or a CABIN, so that if you start over you will still have all of your magic. Once you have saved, go inside.

The first floor is really easy. All you have to do is go straight across the lava. Note: your characters will lose 1 HP for every step they take on lava. Don't walk on lava any more than you absolutely have to, unless you have HEALs and magic to spare.

The second floor is just as easy to get to the staircase; all you have to do is go straight across. But on this floor, however, there is a humongous treasure room. You will find several useful things in it and a lot of G. However, there are some tough enemies (Fires and Grey Worms) in there, too. Among the treasures that you will find are a Giant Sword (pretty decent upgrade from the Silver Sword), a Silver Helmet, and a Silver Axe. There are also some potions, as well. Once you have cleaned it out to your sufficiency, you are ready to go on. If you have been severely weakened by the enemies on this floor after emptying boxes, then you are still close enough to the entrance to exit and restore MHP before going on. When you are ready, go to the staircase across the lava to the left.

The third floor is also very easy; you just go toward the right to get to the staircase.

The fourth floor is also easy, but it is mostly covered by lava. The staircase is in the bottom-right corner, but be careful with all the lava around you that you don't drop HP too much.

There is nothing on the fifth floor except lava. The staircase is in the bottom-left.

The sixth floor is a little more complicated, but it has several treasure rooms worth emptying. Some of them only have G or other relatively useless items (I think there is another Wooden Staff). The one on the far left, however, has two very useful items: a Flame Shield (which is guarded by a Grey Worm) and an Ice Sword (very powerful upgrade to the Silver Sword).

Once you have emptied this room, go back the way you came, and go down when there is a path down. Then follow it around and you will get to the staircase to the next floor.

This is Kary's floor, and there are eight rooms around the outside. The one in the bottom-left is Kary, so go to that one last. Most of them don't have anything of merit, and some don't have anything at all. The one that is most worth your time is the one directly to the left from the staircase. Go inside, and you will see a path to a treasure box. Before you go into the path, you might want to restore HP because there is an Agama that guards the entrance to the path, and after you have defeated him there is a red dragon guarding the box itself. The agama is not that hard, but the Red Dragon is pretty strong, and he does BLAZE, a very powerful FIRE spell.

Both of them are susceptible to ICE, but the Dragon can cause a lot of damage before going down. However, it is worth it in the long run. Inside you will find a suit of Flame Armor, a pretty strong upgrade to whatever armor you have on the fighter, and it also gives the wearer great resistance to ICE attacks. The thief can also wear it after the class change, so don't throw it away if you don't have a fighter. It will also fetch a pretty heavy sum of money when sold, so don't DROP it. I will use this armor all the way up to the end of the game sometimes; it just depends on the party. Once you have gotten everything you wanted, then you can go to the bottom-left room. Before you talk to the ball, make sure everything is in order and your guys are at MHP. Then you can step forward and talk to the ball.

This is Kary, the fiend of fire. She has 600 HP, and you can find more details about her in my enemies chart (when it is completed). She uses FIRE spells, as would seem obvious, but unlike one would think, she is not susceptible to ICE spells like all of the other FIRE enemies. I don't know whether Squaresoft intended this or not, but she is not really susceptible to anything elemental. This, as well as the heavy hits she is capable of doing, make her a very tough fiend for the level you are at. Don't be surprised if it takes you several tries to beat her. I might even consider leaving the Volcano and saving your game after getting the Flame Armor, because it might be worth it to keep from fighting Kary prematurely. If you need to level up more, then do so. Usually, you will have gotten a level up or two by the time you get here anyway, but if you feel it is necessary, then go ahead. There is a way that you can defeat Kary later on after the class change when you are much more powerful instead of facing her now. I think it is a flaw in the game. But I am narrating the storyline the way it is told in the manual, and this is where it says to go beat Kary. However, you will eventually beat Kary, whether it is now or later. In fact, if you want to skip this part and go on to the next part, then that is fine (that is what I usually do), just so long as you defeat Kary at some time. Once you have defeated her, make sure you walk forward to the altar and restore the power to the Fire Orb.

Then walk through the portal and you will exit the Volcano. Make sure you save your game (just in case), and then go back to Crescent Lake and save it again. The next cave is very hard, and I suggest that you build up to Level 20-22 before attempting it. I have beaten it at Level 16 or 17 before, but if you are a new player, I suggest 20-22.

When you are ready, you can go on to the Ice Cave.

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