The Ice Cave and the Airship
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The Ice Cave and the Airship

Possible Enemies:

Note: Before attempting to make it through the Ice Cave, there are a couple of enemies that you need to be wary of, as you can run into them at any point during the cave, often with them striking first. These enemies are the mage and the sorcerer.

The mage is a very nasty fellow, as he casts RUB, a spell which you are very susceptible to before the class change (the addition of protective rings).

The sorcerer is also a very hard enemy, as he does two different things that cause a lot of problems. First of all is his TRANCE, which has the potential of paralyzing everybody in your party right off the bat.

Also, the thing that is most annoying about sorcerers is the fact that they can hit people and cause no damage, but kill the person instantly.

I just thought I should bring these to your attention, as they are really hard to face up until the end of the game.

After the Volcano, you are going to use the Canoe again, but this time you have to enter the canals at a different place. Go back to where you parked your SHIP, get in it, and head north. You will come to a bay almost completely surrounded by land; go into it. On the left side, there should be a river emptying into the bay.

Dock your ship at the entrance (you can do that now) and work your way around through the maze of canals until you reach the Ice Cave (look at the picture at the top). Save your game at the entrance, I suggest with a HOUSE, then a CABIN to restore your magic, and go on in. Beware that you might not make it through the first time.

The first floor is really pretty easy, but it takes awhile to get through. If you could take a direct route, it wouldn't take near as long, but you have to go all the way to the right and down, then all the way back to the left to get to the staircase; go in it when you get to it.

The second floor is also pretty easy; you just travel to the bottom-left corner (it doesn't matter how you do it.

If you can't figure out the third floor, you are probably not smart enough to play this game.

The next floor is also relatively simple, as you just need to go into the room in the middle and go into a hole. Before you do, however, you might want to empty the treasure box on the left, because it has a Flame Sword (not quite as good as the Ice Sword, but better than the Silver Sword). The box on the right has something pretty non-important. There is one treasure box in the middle that you can't get to. Don't worry about it yet! Just go in a hole and go on.

This next floor is very big, and it has a lot of treasure on it. However, as soon as you take a step from where you landed, you will be hit by a group of undead enemies (usually a mix of wraiths, images, spectres, and geists).

Defeat them using FIR2 or HRM2, if you'd like, or just beat on them with weapons. Once you are done, exit the room. There is a suit of Ice Armor (just as good as the Flame Armor, except that it blocks FIRE spells) in the box on the top-left room of the cave, but it is guarded by frost dragons (one or two).

Frost Dragons can be tough all the way through the game because of BLIZZARD, a very powerful ICE spell that they have.

Now, they are extremely difficult because you don't have ribbons yet. The Flame Armor and Shield should lower the damage you take from BLIZZARD, but you can't put it on everybody. FIRE does work well against them, but you may lose some people. There is also a treasure room in the bottom left of this floor that has a lot of G in it. Beware, though, between the boxes on the far right there is a party of frost wolves waiting to ambush you. The staircase, when you choose to use it, is in the right-center part of the floor.

This next floor is actually a different part of the first floor, which is why you can exit out of here later on. Leave the room you start in (open the chest if you want). There is a small room below you that has 10000 G in it, which might be worth the short trip. However, your destination is to the right in the room. Empty the treasure boxes; you will find (I think) an Ice Shield (just like the Flame Shield except it is resistant to FIRE), a TENT, and some G. Then fall down the hole.

Remember the treasure box you couldn't get to earlier? That hole dropped you right to it. Before you go on, heal your guys up to MHP, because there is an Eye guarding the chest.

The Eye does XXXX, which erases your guys, and GLANCE, which stones them.

However, it doesn't take very much damage to kill. Once you have defeated it, open the box and you will be rewarded with the FLOATER. You need the FLOATER to get the AIRSHIP.

Once you have the FLOATER, go back into a hole, and you should be able to find your way out from here. This time, when you get to the floor that had the room with only one hole, don't go into the room. Instead, go above and to the right of the room, where you will find the staircase that will take you out of the cave.

Save your game immediately (just in case), because you definitely do not want to go through that all over again. Then go back through the canals and to where you docked your SHIP. Take your ship south out of the bay and just follow the coastline past the dock for Crescent Lake until you see a desert almost surrounded by mountains. Dock your ship at the river and go into the desert (the Ryukhan Desert).

While in the desert, go to your ITEM menu and select the FLOATER. The AIRSHIP will rise from the desert.

Now, you can go anywhere on the map twice as fast as in the SHIP, and the good thing is, there are no enemies in the air to fight. The only thing is that you have to land the AIRSHIP wherever the shadow covers green or grass. There are some places where the only place you can park the airship is a long way away. But you need the AIRSHIP to continue.

Once you have the AIRSHIP, fly to any town and save your game. You probably don't need to level up all that much before the next stage, but if you feel like it, go ahead. Then you are ready to go on to the Castle of Ordeal.

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