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Possible Enemies:

Once you are back at the Earth Cave and have saved it, resoring MHP, go back in and follow the same path that you took earlier to get to the vampire. This time, when you get to the vampire's room, take the exit to the right and go around. If you bothered to come here earlier, you would have found the stone plate on the floor. This time, walk up to the stone plate, get into your ITEM menu and select the ROD. It will give you a message saying that the gate has been shattered and a stairway appeared. Then get out and you will see this staircase, which you should go down.

Once you have gone down this staircase, you are at the floor immediately above Lich. This floor can actually be pretty tough to find a path through, but if you have the dungeon maps it makes it a lot easier. You are trying to get to the staircase in the upper-left corner, and there is a treasure room at top-center and at the bottom-left. Mostly what is in these is G, but there is also a Wooden Staff (whoop-de-doo) and a silver shield. However, you have to find the path to them, and I don't remember it off of the top of my head. I do remember that for the one in the bottom-left, you cannot go straight there. You actually have to go toward the staircase, and when you reach the wall, there should be a place close by where you can go down. This will take you to the treasure room. Once you have emptied them to your satisfaction, find the staircase and go down it.

This is Lich's floor. The route is really pretty easy; you just go up and around to the left and back down and around to get to his room. You will find a glowing orb inside the room, which you shouldn't talk to until you are ready to fight. First, restore MHP and make sure that your guys are in the proper order. Then you are ready to fight Lich.

This is Lich, the fiend of the Earth. He has 400 HP, but for specific details on him, check my enemies chart (once it is completed). I have found that he is susceptible to FIR3 very much so, and he also does ICE2, so you might want to cast AICE. However, if you have good weapons and one or two uses of FIRE spells, you should be able to knock him out pretty quickly. After you have defeated him, walk forward to the platform beyond where his ball was and restore the power to the Earth Orb.

Once you have, continue to walk forward to exit the Earth Cave.

Once you are out, save your game immediately outside (just in case), and I would also suggest saving at Melmond before you go on. Then you are ready to go to Crescent Lake.

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