Walkthrough Main Page
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Walkthrough Main Page

This is the whole walkthrough, except this time I divided it up into sections so I could put more detail and pictures into the walkthrough. If you notice something amiss, please let me know, or possibly if you encounter an enemy that I don't have listed, please let me know.

If you are looking for the old walkthrough, you can find it here.

Choosing Your Light Warriors





Marsh Cave

Northwest Castle

Obtaining and Using the Mystic Key


Earth Cave

Titan's Tunnel


Crescent Lake

Gurgu Volcano

Ice Cave and the Airship

Castle of Ordeal

Cardia Islands and the Class Change

Waterfall and the Oasis

Mermaid Shrine

Learning Lefeinish

The Mirage Tower and the Floating Castle

The Temple of Fiends (Revisited)

The Temple of Fiends (Revisited), Fiend Floors and Chaos

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