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The Marsh Cave

Possible Enemies:

Once you are ready to go on and have saved your game, go west from ElfLand. When you see an opening to the north, take it. Keep going up, following the mountains on the left side. You will see a passage to the left with bright green grass. It is a dead end, so do not take it. Take the next passage to the left between two sets of mountains. Then go south. You will eventually get to a swampy peninsula, and the Marsh Cave is at the southernmost tip of this peninsula. Save your game right outside, and then go on in.

When you are inside, head down. Keep going down past the fork off to the right. You will eventually arrive at a room. Go in the room and take the ladder down a floor.

On the next floor, empty out the two treasure rooms on the left. Then go into the room on the far right. When you come out of the other side, you will see a staircase going down; take it.

If you feel like it, you can go ahead and clear out all the rooms on this floor. Most of them will have gold, but you will also find a suit of Iron Armor and a Copper Bracelet. The rooms at the bottom are locked by the Mystic KEY and cannot be opened yet. Make sure that if you empty the rooms that you are aware which one is the CROWN room, so that you will be prepared to fight the wizards guarding the crown. This room is on the third floor down, second from the left. When you are ready to fight the wizards for the CROWN, go into the room and walk right up to the treasure box. The wizards will attack you when you are right in front of it. They are probably the toughest enemies that you have met so far. Once you have defeated them, obtain the CROWN from the treasure box.

Then make your way out of the Marsh Cave, and save your game when you get out.

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