The Mermaid Shrine
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The Mermaid Shrine

Possible Enemies:

In order to get to the Mermaid Shrine, you need to go to Onrac, the town pictured above. Once you get there, you need to find the girl who is standing by the submarine and talk to her. She will notice that you have OXYALE, and then she will disappear and let you onto the sub. Get in the sub.

You will then automatically arrive at the underwater Mermaid Shrine.

Before you go after Kraken, though, you need to get the SLAB. If you have already gone to Lefein, you know that you can't speak their language. If you get the SLAB, then Dr. Unne will teach you Lefeinish. In order to get the SLAB, travel straight up and go to the right. There is a treasure room on the left side that contains some G or something. You will see a staircase, which you should take.

The next floor has many rooms that have good treasure in them. Among these treasures are the Mage Staff (casts FIR2 when used as an ITEM), the Light Axe (a pretty decent upgrade to some weapons that does HARM when used as an ITEM), Opal Armor (tied for the best armor that the Knight can wear in terms of A/E%), and a pretty decent amount of G. The staircase is right by the room in the bottom right corner that has 12345 G.

This floor has no enemies, so you can take your time emptying all of the treasure rooms. You can talk to the mermaids if you want, but pretty much all they will say is that they want help. On this floor, though, you will find many treasures, including an Opal Shield (tied for the best shield for the fighter in terms of A/E%), an Opal Bracelet (the best bracelet in the game), and some G. There is a room in the upper right corner that seems impossible to get to. Do not worry, my friend, just go back to the upper left corner and follow the passage. It will take you around to the other side to that room you couldn't get to before. This room has an Opal Helmet (the best helmet that the Knight can wear in terms of A/E%), an Opal Gauntlet (the best gauntlet that the Knight can wear, but the Protective Ring has the same A with less E% taken up), and the SLAB.

Then you can leave this floor and go back toward the entrance.

When you get back to the first floor, you can go back to Onrac and save your game before continuing, if you feel like it. Otherwise, you need to take the staircase in the upper left corner of the room.

On the next floor, there are some treasure rooms, but they don't have anything in them. To get to the next floor, just keep bearing toward the top of the screen.

The next floor is just like that one in the Ice Cave, and it should be easy to figure out.

The following floor is just a quick jog around the room in the middle (that has nothing in it).

The next floor is just traveling down to the door of the room, emptying the boxes that you see and taking the staircase outside.

Now the next floor has a bit of a challenge to it. It has several rooms that have good treasure in them, including a Ribbon (a very valuable piece of equipment mentioned before), a guarded Power Gauntlet (a pretty good gauntlet that casts SABR when used as an ITEM), another Light Axe (mentioned before), and a pretty good amount of G. The staircase is at the end of the last passage leading to the left.

This is the last floor, the floor where Kraken is, and there are no treasures on this floor, even though there are rooms. In order to get to Kraken, there are actually two different routes, but I will just narrate you through the easiest one to narrate. Travel up until you get to a room, go in it, and exit the other side. Then follow the wall of the gigantic room to your left, and go around to the bottom of it to find the door. Meander your way through the room until you find the door on the other side. Go around the outside of the room until you see another room. This is Kraken's room. Go into the room and restore MHP and make sure everybody is in order, and then talk to the ball.

This is Kraken, the fiend of Water. He has 800 HP and is susceptible to LIT spells (for more information check my enemies chart). However, he also does LIT spells and INK, which is just his version of DARK. None of the fiends are really that hard right now, but they will be later when you face them again. Once you have defeated him, walk forward to the altar and restore the power of water to the ORB.

Then go through the portal and you will be warped back to Onrac.

Once you have completed this part, you now have 3 of your 4 orbs lit.

Now you are ready to learn Lefeinish.

Go On and Learn Lefeinish

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