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The Mirage Tower and the Floating Castle

Possible Enemies:

Now, remember that tower in the middle of the huge desert? That is the Mirage Tower, your next destination. If you bothered to go there before going to Lefein, then you would have found out that you couldn't get in yet. Now that you have the CHIME, you can get in. So go back to that desert and find a place to land (the closest is to the east and a little south of the tower. Walk up to the tower and save your game (restore MHP), then go on in.

The first floor staircase is pretty easy to find; just go in the door above and then out the door to the left and there it is. However, there is some good treasure on this floor that you probably want to get before going on. The treasures you will find include an Aegis Shield (tied for the best shield in the game in A/E%, and defends against some spells), a Heal Helmet (a pretty good helmet that casts HEAL when used as an ITEM), a Vorpal (pretty useless, except that it is worth a lot), and some G. Once you are ready to go on, take the staircase that I told you about earlier.

This floor is kind of like a spiral; you have to go around the outside and then toward the middle. There is a treasure room in the center that contains a Sun Sword (pretty comparable to Defense as far as A/E% is concerned), a Thor Hammer (best weapon for the White Wizard that casts LIT2 when used as an item), Dragon Armor (tied for being the best armor in the game in A/E%, and protects against dragon attacks), and some G. Once you have emptied all of the chests, take the stairs to the next floor, which are in the top center of the inner circle.

The next floor is easy as far as directions are concerned. Just go around the room until you find the door in the bottom of it. When you open the door, you will see the transporter in the center of the room, which the funny little robot in the waterfall gave you the CUBE to access. But as soon as you walk in you will be attacked by a Blue Dragon.

He can be pretty tough, because he has the THUNDER spell and attacks pretty well. I have lost guys to him before. However, he doesn't have that much HP and he is weak against FIRE, so you should be able to take him out reasonably quickly. Once you have defeated him, go into the transporter.

The transporter will take you to the Floating Castle, which is the lair of Tiamit, the Fiend of Wind. On the first floor there are three treasure rooms, one on the bottom and on each side. The one on the bottom contains a Bane Sword, which will cast BANE when used as an item, but it is pretty useless otherwise except for selling. In the side rooms you will find some potions and G, along with either the second Heal Helmet or the third ribbon (I can't remember which, but both are very important). When you have emptied all of the rooms, take the triangular transporter in the top branch of the floor.

On this floor there are six treasure rooms, all of which contain good stuff. You will find another Opal Gauntlet and Shield, as well as the second Heal Helmet or the third ribbon (whichever was not on the previous floor). In the lower right treasure room you will find a White Shirt (casts INV2 when used as an item) and a Black Shirt (casts ICE2 when used as an item). Both are pretty comparable in defense to the Gold Bracelet, and with the spells that they can do, they are pretty good. However, they can only be worn by the White and Black Wizards. In the lower left treasure room you will find the ADAMANT (which if you talked to the blacksmith in the Dwarf Cave, you know he needs it to make a special sword for you).

Once you have emptied all of the rooms (or as many as you want), take the triangular transporter in the bottom branch of the floor.

There are four treasure rooms on this floor, and they are at the ends of the top, bottom, right, and upper left paths. The bottom path leads to a computer lab with nothing in it except computers. In the one on the right you will find a Protective Cape (which has pretty much the same power as the Protective Ring, but can be worn in addition to the Protective Ring). In the top room you won't find anything really good except for some G and sellable items. In the upper left room (go left from the center and take the upper path) you will find a Katana, which is the best weapon the thief can use (except for the Masmune). If you want, you can go to the center of the room and go to the opening next to the big black square. This is a window, and speaking to it will give you this message.

Once you have gotten everything you want, go to the triangular transporter in the lower left path (go left from the center and take the lower path).

This is the next to last floor. It doesn't have any treasure rooms on it, but you can get lost very easily if you don't know where you're going. You can also be hit by some tough enemies on this floor and the next (i.e. sorcerers and mancats). You can get to the triangular transporter by going up for two segments (segment = distance between paths) and right two segments.

This is the final floor of the Floating Castle. Just go straight up until you reach Tiamit's room (don't you wish it were just that simple). You do have to go straight up, but you will be hit very often by enemies, most of which will be pretty tough. This is also the floor where you can run into the infamous WarMech (the picture on the main page), who does tough hits, has 1000 HP (the same as Tiamit), and uses NUCLEAR (very similar to NUKE).

If you run into him, he will probably drain you even more than Tiamit will, and possibly even more than the final boss himself! You supposedly have a 1 in 64 chance of hitting him, but I think that it is a bit more likely than that (I have hit him numerous times). He does give you 32000 EP total, but that is if you are actually able to take him down. Once you make it to the top, go into the room and speak to the ball.

This is Tiamit, the Fiend of Wind. He has 1000 HP and uses pretty much any elemental spell from THUNDER to ICE2, and he also has no weaknesses to any type of spell. He can be pretty tough, but if you use FOG 2 and FAST, possibly even INV2 for defense, and FADE and NUKE for offense (if you have them), you should eventually be able to take him down. He can drain you considerably, however.

Once you have defeated him, walk up and restore the power to the Wind orb.

Then walk one step forward to the teleporter and teleport out of the Floating Castle. Then go to the Dwarf Cave and talk to the blacksmith (top left room with the swords inside).

He will be overjoyed to see that you found the ADAMANT, and he will make Excalibur for you while you wait.

This is the best weapon that the Knight can use (besides the Masmune), and it can get you a good amount of G by selling if you don't have a Knight.

Before you go on, make sure that you have all four orbs lit. If all of them are not lit, but you have beaten all of the fiends, then you need to go back into the respective dungeon(s) and light the orbs. You cannot go on without lighting the orbs. When all four orbs are lit, the top left portion of the Menu screen will look like this:

Now you are finally ready to take on the last palace, the Temple of Fiends.

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