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The Northwest Castle

Once you are out of the Marsh Cave and are ready to go on, there is something important that you must do with the CROWN. Obtaining the CROWN is the first step in getting the Mystic KEY. Now, as you may have learned in ElfLand, the Mystic KEY is in the Prince's possession at the moment. However, he is sound asleep, being under a curse caused by Astos, the Dark Elf. Only the HERB has the power to wake him up, and only Matoya, the blind witch in the cave to the north of Coneria, has this HERB. In order to get the HERB from her, you must return her CRYSTAL back to her so that she can see again. Astos has this CRYSTAL. But where is Astos?

There is a castle almost due north of the Marsh Cave, called the Northwest Castle (it is northwest of ElfLand). If you ever bothered to go into this castle before going into the Marsh Cave, you would find a lone king sitting on the throne in the center of the castle. He would tell you his sad tale of how Astos double-crossed them and how he needs the CROWN to get him back (the reason you are looking for the CROWN in the first place). After you get the CROWN, return to this castle so that you can give him the CROWN that he so desires. However, you will find that it is you who has been double-crossed, and that the lone king in the Northwest Castle was really Astos himself! He will demand the CROWN from you, and you will be challenged to fight.

When you are fighting Astos, there are a few things to keep in mind. One is that your hits against him will be heavily weakened. Only the silver swords will consistently do damage of merit, and even they will miss occasionally. Astos also is notorious for his spells. He is the Dark Elf, and he knows many black magic spells. He does FIR3 and LIT3 if he lasts long enough, and he is practically guaranteed to try RUB right off the bat and erase one of your warriors. Be wary of this! You may have to start over again a few times, so be sure to save it outside of the castle. Once you beat Astos, the CRYSTAL will appear in your inventory, and you can continue your search for the Mystic Key.

Save your game, and you are ready to get the Mystic KEY.

Go on and get the Mystic KEY

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