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The Castle of Ordeal

Possible Enemies:

If a copy of the manual came with your game, you will see that you are now out of it. However, you are only about halfway through the game. Squaresoft just wanted you to figure it out for yourself (or maybe they didn't want to spend the extra money). But if you are reading this, then that means you don't want to figure it out for yourself anyway (boy, I am blunt, aren't I).

Alright, where were we? You have been through the Ice Cave and now have the AIRSHIP, and since the manual doesn't cover this part, I will narrate you through what I believe is the way that Squaresoft intended. If you have a manual, then you know about the class change, and there is also a question on it in my FAQ. Now is the time when you will get the Class Change, but you have to have the TAIL first.

The TAIL is housed in the Castle of Ordeal, which is in the north-central part of the map Since this is the first time that you have been up here, I would suggest that you make a flyby in the AIRSHIP to make sure that you know where you are going. In fact, I will begin narrating each step from here until the end like this. Right now, you should go to the north-central part of the map and find a set of islands with caves on them. These are the Cardia Islands, a place you should remember for later on. Once you have found the Cardia Islands, go east until you get to a marshy part of the mainland with a castle in the center of it. This is the Castle of Ordeal. You can park the AIRSHIP and go in, but you have to park a long ways to the east. I always go back to where I docked my SHIP and sail to the entrance to the river just to the north of the Castle. This way, the enemies you face are fewer and easier. Then take the river in and walk up to the Castle of Ordeal, save your game (restore MHP) and go in.

On the first floor there are no enemies, so don't be worried about that. Just walk straight up and talk to the sage in the middle of the circle of columns. He will say that the CROWN is required for you to get the Class Change (it isn't possible to get here without the CROWN unless you cheat).

Then go up to the room on the top-left and (this may sound crazy) walk into the throne. It is actually a portal that will take you to the next floor.

Now this floor does have enemies on it, and they aren't easy. Plus, this floor is also a labyrinth. The columns are portals, just like the throne was, and they will warp you to different parts of the floor. However, if you walk into the wrong one, you can get totally lost. When picking which column to walk into, always pick the one farthest to the bottom (or just follow the pictures below).

You will eventually come to a long walkway that takes you right beside a treasure room in the upper right corner. Before going on, I suggest that you go into this room and empty the treasure box. It contains a Zeus Gauntlet, which is the first piece of equipment you get that casts a spell when used as an ITEM in battle. Beware, though, the box is guarded by one or two MudGols (Mud Golem?) that can do heavy hits and poison your guys.

Once you have defeated them, open the box and claim your prize, the Zeus Gauntlet, which casts LIT2 (Check the "Power and Location of Armor" Chart for more information).

Then leave the room and travel through the straight path and keep going straight into the column. This will take you directly to the staircase to the next floor.

This floor is easy as far as navigation is concerned, but it has some of the same enemies as the last floor (and some harder). Just travel around counter-clockwise to get out. As soon as you enter the room straight up from the staircase, you will be challenged by a Nitemare.

He is hard to hit very well, and he takes 200 DMG to kill, but he is susceptible to ICE spells. Once you have defeated him, open the treasure box nearby and obtain the Heal Staff, which casts HEAL when used as an item in battle. Keep going counter-clockwise, and you will see other treasure boxes. The ones in the upper-left contain an Ice Sword (seen before), a Gold Bracelet (second-best bracelet in the game), and an Iron Gauntlet (seen before). The ones in the bottom-left contain a HOUSE and some G (the one on the far left is empty). Eventually, you will arrive at a treasure box beside a throne; open it, and you will be rewarded with the TAIL.

Now you can leave through the throne... but wait! A couple of Zombie Dragons don't want you to get out with that TAIL. Just show them who's boss, and then you can leave.

Now you are back on the first floor. Just exit the way you came, and then save your game outside. You are now ready to get the Class Change.

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