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Once the credits have finished and you have crossed the North Bridge, start heading east. You will eventually come to another town. You will have to go south a bit to get in, but you should be able to find it pretty easily. This is the town of Pravoka. Go into Pravoka and get the supplies you need. There are weapons and black and white magic shops on the right side, as well as the CLINIC (80 G), and there is an armor and ITEM shop on the left side. The INN (50 G) is straight up from the entrance. I suggest upgrading to short sword or hand axe for your fighter's weaponry (both cost 550 G) and adding a wooden shield (15 G) to his armor. The short sword can also be used by the red mage. For your thieves, you should upgrade to scimitars (200 G). Scimitars also work as a temporary upgrade for fighters and red mages if you don't have enough gold. You also will want to get gloves (60 G) for everybody. If you have the money to do so, you might also want to upgrade the fighter's Chain Armor to Iron Armor (800 G). The item shop here has HEALs (60 G), PUREs (75 G), CABINs (250 G), and TENTs (75 G). All magic spells cost 400 G. The white magic spells offered are MUTE, ALIT, INVS, and LAMP. The black magic spells offered are ICE, TMPR, DARK, and SLOW.

When you have sufficiently restocked your supplies, which you will need later on, it is probably a good idea to save your game after your long journey from Coneria. Then you should go to the left from the INN. You will find a pirate (should be easy to recognize) whose name is Bikke. He is the Captain of a band of pirates that have taken over the town of Pravoka. Talk to him, and he will challenge you to fight.

Then a fight screen will pop up filled with pirates. DON'T PANIC! The pirates are not that heavy of hitters, and they only have 6 HP. SLEP (Level 1 - Black) also works very well against them, but often only for one round. Once you have defeated all of the pirates, talk to Bikke again. He will say, "Okay, you got me. Take my SHIP."

This is a very important gift. You need it to continue your game. If you want to see it, leave Pravoka, and it will be in the dock. Then save your game, and you will be ready to move on. If you haven't upgraded your supplies yet, now would be a good time to do as much of it as you can. Your next step will require a journey across the sea, and the sea enemies can be very tough, as well as the enemies on land where you will dock. I suggest that you level up a bit before you continue.

Once you have sufficiently leveled up, you can go on to the next step.

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