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The Temple of Fiends (Revisited)

Possible Enemies:

The ancient prophecy states that when the four orbs are lit and gathered together around the dark orb, a time portal will be opened to the past. You have all of the orbs lit, but you need to find where the dark orb is. The answer lies way back in the game, almost to the beginning. The dark orb is in the Temple of Fiends, so you need to go there.

Once inside the Temple of Fiends, you will only have to worry about the same enemies that you fought there before (except Garland). Walk into the room where Garland was and walk up to the dark orb. You can talk to the bats if you want, and they will talk to you and tell you that they are the five light warriors of Lefein who never returned and they were turned to bats. You can listen to their sad tale if you want, but you only need to walk up to the dark orb and talk to it. It will give you a message, saying that the four orbs now cover the dark orb, and then when you walk forward you will be warped to the past.

Note: You might not be able to make it all the way through the Temple of Fiends in one try. I have broken it up into two sections since it is very long. The enemies inside are very tough, which may make a solo journey difficult. If you have too much difficulty, just use EXIT or WARP to get out. If you don't have EXIT or WARP, you will just have to tough it out or wait until you die and then try again.

This is the first floor of the revisited Temple of Fiends. There are no treasure rooms on this floor, but you can run into frost dragons here. However, with ribbons and flame armor equipped, BLIZZARD shouldn't hurt you that bad. The staircase to the next floor is in the bottom right part of the floor.

The staircase on this floor is directly to your right, and should you happen to get into any fights, they should be easy.

This floor can be very hard, as you can run into parties of nine badmen or parties of mages and fighters. However, the toughest enemy on this floor (and probably in the whole palace) is the gas dragon.

Gas Dragons are very hard, especially when you get a party of four (and you can). You might have seen them before in the Waterfall. Their hits are pretty high, and they also do POISON, which can do just as much as NUKE (200-300 damage per person). However, ribbons will substantially reduce hits. If you survive the fight, you will be heavily rewarded with EP and G.

Your goal for this floor is to get to the room in the center, with the door being in the bottom. Therefore, you should head down and then right to get there. However, as soon as you enter the room you will encounter a phantom.

The phantom does massive hits, and will also cast termination and paralyzation spells on you. He is slightly susceptible to FIRE spells, so that is a strategy to use, but the real killer is that you only get 1 EP and 1 G for beating him. However, you have to beat him to continue on.

Once you have beaten the Phantom, empty the two treasure chests for a whopping amoung of G. Then walk up to the stone plate on the floor. Talking to it will give you the same message as you received in the Earth Cave, but nothing will happen. Now remember that LUTE that you received from Princess Sara way back at the beginning of the game? Now is the time to use it.

Playing the LUTE's melody will shatter the evil gate and will reveal a staircase. Go down this staircase, and it will take you to the next floor.

This floor is just a different part of the second floor, with the same enemies and everything. You need to get to the staircase in the upper-left corner to get to the next floor.

This is just the top part of the first floor, also with the same enemies. Just go from the top-right to the top-left to find the staircase.

This is the first of the fiend floors, which are narrated on the next page.

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