The Titan's Tunnel and Sarda's Cave
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The Titan's Tunnel

Possible Enemies:

After you have gotten the RUBY from the vampire and have exited the Earth Cave and saved your game, head north along the isthmus. Then go west when you reach the mainland, and you will arive at a cave: the Titan's Tunnel.

When you are inside the Titan's Tunnel, meander your way to the Titan, who is blocking the passage. If you ever bothered to come in here before, he would refuse to let you pass unless you gave him a RUBY. Now that you have a RUBY, you give it to him, and he will eat it and disappear, allowing you to pass.

After the Titan has disappeared, you can empty the treasure room below if you desire (it has a silver helmet, a great axe, and some G). Once you are finished with everything, make your way to the exit and leave the tunnel.

When you get out, head toward the south until you get to the entrance of another cave, and then go in it.

This is the cave of Sarda the sage. When you get inside, you will find Sarda's bedroom to the left. Go into the bedroom and you will find Sarda, who will give you the ROD when you talk to him. The ROD will break the stone plate covering the stairway behind the vampire's room.

When you are ready to go on, head back to the Earth Cave and save it outside. It is now time to go after Lich, the fiend of Earth, the first of the four elemental fiends.

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