Choosing Your Light Warriors
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Choosing Your Light Warriors

When the game comes on, select NEW GAME from the menu. You will be taken to the screen where you pick your party. A default party will already be on there, but just press up to select a different occupation.

Each occupation has its strong points and its weak points. Here is a list of some of these strong and weak points:

Fighter/Knight: The fighter is a very valuable asset to any party. He can use all of the best armor and weapons, and he gains the most hit points of any of the occupations. This also makes him good when it comes to defense. Since half of all enemy hits hit the top person (on the average), having a fighter in the top position will help protect your party from enemy attacks. However, getting all of the weapons and armor you need to support the fighter can be very expensive. He can't use any magic until he classes up to knight, and even then, he can only use the same spells as the red mage up to level 3. It is important to have one or more of these, but if you get one, it is best to balance your party out with some other occupations.

Thief/Ninja: The thief's two largest benefits are his ability to run from a battle easily, and his class-up to ninja. Other than these, though, he can be a real burden until the class change. He can't use that much in the way of weapons, armor, or any magic, and his hits are terrible. However, taking him through the class change will greatly change that. Once he becomes a ninja, he can use any weapon except for the wizard staff and excalibur. He is also a pretty decent hitter. He can also use a great deal of armor. His hit points are about average. The ninja can also use any black magic up to level 4. If you can make it through the first half of the game, you will probably be able to beat the game within a reasonable period of time.

Black Belt/Grand Master: This is one of my favorite occupations to use. In the first half of the game, they can become frustrating, but once you reach Level 9 or so, they become much better. The only weapons that they can use are nunchukas and staffs (and the masmune), and the only armor that he can use are bracelets, caps, ribbons, gloves, and protective rings. At Level 9, though, he will make an increasing turn for the better. Now, you will have to trust me on this one: when he reaches level 9, sell his nunchukas. He will be bare-handed, but he is a tremendously good fighter with his hands. Later on, he is capable of doing hits that surpass even the fighter! He has hit points equivalent to the fighter. The only disadvantages that he has are his inability to use magic, and the lack of armor that he can wear. He doesn't gain anything at the class change except for a name change, but other than these, he is a very powerful occupation to have.

Red Mage/Red Wizard: This occupation is very versatile, incorporating values from all occupations. The red mage's primary capability is his ability to use many spells in the black AND white magic categories. He is a pretty decent fighter, and can use a variety of good weapons and armor. At the class change, he gains the use of more spells of both categories, but he cannot use any level 8 spell. Two spell that he can use that are very important are the LIFE spell, which brings warriors back to life, and the EXIT spell (level 6), which allows you to leave any dungeon automatically. This spell is one of the most useful spells in the entire game. He also gains the use of more weapons and armor at the class change, and his HP tends to be in the moderate range.

White Mage/White Wizard: The white mage is very important to balance out any party, but I would not suggest composing your first party of all white mages. He can use many white magic spells, and he gains the use of all white magic spells at the class change. He is the only occupation that can use HARM, HEAL, FADE, or CUR4 spells. However, he is a terrible fighter, and can only use hammers as weapons (besides the masmune) and bracelets, caps, ribbons, protective capes and rings, gloves, and the white shirt for armor. His HP tends to be in the average level, and he is the only one that can use the white shirt, though, and it is a bit better than the gold bracelet when it comes to defense. The white shirt also casts INV2 when used as an item, which is an added bonus. The white mage can use the LIFE spell, which brings warriors back to life, and he can also use EXIT after the class change, and this will prove very helpful (as I said with the red wizard).

Black Mage/Black Wizard: The black mage can use many black magic spells, and gains the use of all of them when he classes up to Black Wizard. He can use a few different kinds of weapons, and gains the use of a few more at the class change. However, he can only use the bracelets, cap, ribbon, protective ring and cape, gloves, and the black shirt for defense. The black shirt has the same defensive capabilities as the white shirt, and casts ICE2 when used as an item. He is a pretty bad fighter, but some of the weapons he can use make up for this deficit. The best weapon he can use, besides the masmune, is the catclaw. His HP tends to run very low, making him hard to defend. He will often get killed in battle. But he can use some very powerful spells, including NUKE (probably the heaviest hitting spell in the game). He can also use WARP after the class change, which is very similar to the EXIT spell. But it only "warps" you back one floor. If you don't have an EXIT spell, or the warrior with it is dead, WARP comes in handy.

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