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The Waterfall and the Oasis

Possible Enemies:

NOTE: It is possible to hit a very tough enemy here.

The gas dragon rarely shows up, but I have hit him before. He has an attack called POISON that can do a lot of damage and can really hurt at this part of the game (before you have any ribbons). Fortunately, you only encounter one at a time here. He is susceptible to ICE spells, and he has about 350 HP or so.

You actually don't need to come to the Waterfall yet, but this is the most convenient time to do it, because you will be over in this area anyways. You have to have 50000 G to get what you need at the Oasis, and the Waterfall is also a great place to get G.

The Waterfall is pretty close to Onrac, the town right on the coast. Once you find Onrac, fly west until you get to the river. Then follow the river north until you get to the Waterfall (should be pretty obvious). However, you will have to park the AIRSHIP pretty far a way to the south and west. Once you have parked, just follow the river until you get to the Waterfall, and I would suggest that you save your game with a HOUSE (and a TENT or CABIN) to restore MHP and magic right outside the Waterfall (you can do that in the canoe). Then go on inside.

Now the inside of the waterfall is a labyrinth, and I don't remember the exact sequence. Basically what you want to do is to keep bearing left until you can't go left anymore, and then go down until you get to a treasure room. Inside this treasure room, you will see five boxes and a robot. However, as soon as you get in, you will be challenged by enemies (vary between mummies, wzmummies, coctrices, and perilisks).

Then go inside, making sure you talk with the robot, who will give you the CUBE. The CUBE is the whole reason you are in here, because you will need the CUBE later on. I just usually get it now.

Then empty the treasure boxes. You will find a Wizard Staff (the second best weapon for the Black Wizard; check armor chart for more details), a Ribbon (a very valuable piece of equipment that is only worth 2 G), and Defense (which I have already mentioned), which is the best upgrade for your fighter or red mage at this stage in the game. The other two boxes have a good amount of G in them. When you have emptied all of them, you can use a WARP or EXIT spell to leave the Waterfall, but if you don't have somebody who can use it, then you will have to walk all the way back out. It is the same way you came in, though (go right as soon as you can, keep bearing right until you can't anymore, and then go down to the exit). If you want to stick around and get some more EP and G, then go ahead.

Once you are out, save your game (just in case). Then go back to your AIRSHIP and fly northwest until you come to a desert. Fly to the north-central border of this desert, and you will find the Oasis. Park your AIRSHIP at the northwestern edge of the desert and walk into the Oasis. It will act like an enemy hit you, but instead you will be in a shop that is simply called "Oasis."

Purchase the BOTTLE for 50000 G, and then leave. Once you have left, you can never come back to the Oasis, but you won't need to anyway.

Once you have the BOTTLE and have gotten back to your AIRSHIP, fly to Gaia (the town surrounded by mountains on the peninsula. Park your AIRSHIP outside and go in. In case you haven't been here before, this is a very big town. What you need to do now is travel all the way to the left, almost out of town, until you see the road fork off to the north right next to the Weapon shop. Take this fork and keep following the road until you get to the Clinic. Then leave the road and travel into the woods, following the path through the woods until you see a spring to the north. Go up to this spring, go to your ITEM screen, and select the BOTTLE.

A fairy will pop out of the BOTTLE, and the BOTTLE will disappear. Then leave the Menu, and you will see the fairy in the spring. Talk to her, and she will give you OXYALE to breathe underwater.

This is a must for the next step, an underwater castle. Then you can leave Gaia.

The next step will involve tackling the Kraken, the fiend of water, so I would recommend getting a couple of level-ups before going on. Once you have leveled up sufficiently, then you are ready to go on to the Mermaid Shrine.

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